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Top 10 Android launchers



Android operating system is the best operating system,these words are not mine.Every user of Android is die hard fan of Android OS.Android is looking clean,sharp,dynamic and very beautiful.

Android enhance the quality and usability of any smart phone even those phones which are low budget.Generally Low budget phone companies are manufacturing Android OS in their smart phones.

This post is about how to change the User Interface of your Android smart phone,Android provides a default launcher which is also looking clean and beautiful,but last year unknown sources and unknown developers designed hundreds of Android launcher which changes the demand and choice of Android users.

Some times ago Android user can’t customize their smart phone according to their choice,but after 2013 hundreds of new developers creates thousands of Android launchers which can make your Android smart phone more beautiful and more fast.

1.Nokia’s Z launcher

Z launcher is gesture based,it means if you want to open an app,then you just need to create a gesture to open that app.Z launcher is developed by Nokia for their smart phones,but now every Android OS can use Z launcher.Z launcher is not allowed to download in India from play store,but you can still download Z launcher from other app stores.

Download from APKmirror

Z-launcher Z-launcher-2


2.Everything me

Everything me is one of the most downloaded Android Launcher,it is very fast and beautiful.You can easily manage apps in everything me launcher,thousands of features are enabled in everything me Android launcher.Now a days every one looking for a dynamic User interface,this launcher is very dynamic and fast which can work in less RAM.

Everything-me-2 Everything-me

3.Smart Launcher 2

Smart launcher 2 is the third in this list because of its features and minimalist design.Smart 2 launcher is very beautiful and clean,it can be installed on any Android phone even in low budget phone too.Smart launcher is very light and small size.Smart launcher 2 got 4.4 stars out of 5 it means many users are happy with this launcher.

Smart-launcher-2 Smart-launcher-2-2


4.Solo Launcher

Solo launcher means that you have everything in your if you have this launcher.Very clean tremendous with a beautiful design.Developers say that Solo launcher is the fastest launchers ever and it launch your phone’s apps 40% faster than any other launcher.

Solo-Launcher Solo-launcher-2


5.Apex Launcher

Apex launcher make over your phone completely,apex launcher is very beautiful and light.Easy to and its user interface is fabulous and user friendly.Apex make your phone more beautiful and it comes with two options,first is completely free and the other is Pro which can buy from play store.In pro version of this app,apex allows you to two hands gesture and other great features but if you do not want to purchase you can use its free version.

Apex-launcher Apex-launcher-2


6.GO Launcher EX

Beautiful,minimal and clean these are some features of Go launcher Ex.Go launcher allows you to customize all apps and your favourite apps on the home screen.Go launcher have minimalist design which enhance the quality of your display,every time when you look in your display you’ll fall in love with Go launcher again and again.Go launcher Ex are available in two version Free and Paid.In paid version you can use Multi-touch to fast access to core functions and paid version are free of sponsored ads.

Go-launcher-Ex Go-launcher-Ex-2


7.Google Now Launcher

Every one knows that Android is an OS which is owned by Google and Google known for perfection.Every product which is created by Google known for better performance and Google Now launcher is one of them.All nexus devices have pre-installed Google now launcher.

Google-now-launcher Google-now-launcher-2 Google-now-launcher-3


8.Nova Launcher

Nova launcher is has lots of great features like it it highly optimized to do all work in your phone faster than others.You can customize your phone’s layout by downloading thousands of layout theme from play store.Nova launcher allows you to select best themes from thousands of themes which are available in the play store.Another great feature of this app is,it is absolutely free and easy to use.

Nova-launcher-2 Nova-launcher


9.Hola Launcher

Hola launcher small in size,but working fabulous.I’m using this launcher in my Android phone and I’m happy with this launcher because of its features.Hola launcher enabled lazy swipe feature in which recent and favourite apps can be used from a single corner swipe.With these launcher you no longer need to use lazy swipe because lazy swipe feature already coming with Hola launcher.

With hola launcher you can easily hide installed apps which cannot be hide in any launcher.

hola-launcher hola-launcher-2 hola-launcher-3


10. CM Launcher

Cheetah Mobile Inc. is very popular developer and users love those applications which was developed by Cheetah Mobile Inc..Now Cheetah Mobile Inc. designed an Android launcher which name is CM launcher.CM launcher is light weight which means small phones can also use Cm launcher in their phone.CM launcher is very fast and the feature is the layout of this launcher.It is very tough to compete other apps with CM launcher.Lots of peoples are using this launcher so what are you waiting for.

Cm-launcher Cm-launcher-2


Final words

We searched over the internet to find best Android launcher which can enhance the beauty of your phone.These launchers are same as your personality.If you like this post then don’t forget to give your valuable feedback to us.All the information and tricks we served to you are unique,if you are still getting know any copy infringement then contact us immediately we will fix as short as we can.

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