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Android App Marketing: Increase Downloads for Your App

Increase Downloads for Your App

Increase Downloads for Your AppDo you want to learn Android App Marketing and Want to increase downloads for your app?As we know that optimization of every website is very important for the growth of the website and similar to this optimization of Android or IOS app is very important.Optimization of Android or IOS app is known as ASO, App store optimization is similar to SEO(search engine optimization).In SEO, a website start showing in the search result and ASO is the process of increasing the visibility of your app in the market.

ASO doesn’t only increase visibility, it also helps increase the chance that they will actually download it.Once you start ASO of your Android app you can get more download instantly.ASO process directly helps to increase downloads for your app.

Is It Important?, Yes

Yes, it is a very important process which directly increases download of your apps.Most smartphones users find new apps through the app store company or mobile OS provide to the users.This means that people browse Google Play or iTunes looking for cool, new apps to play with.

Tips to Increase Downloads for Your App

1.Name And The Title

Name and the title always been an important part of every type of optimization.It doesn’t matter that you’re optimizing your android app or a website, name and title should be optimized to get more download on your apps.

Here are some tactics which can make your app’s name and title ASO friendly.

  • Name of the app should be short and simple.
  • Easy to remember like Pocket, not Pocket App for Online wallet.
  • Put the essential words in like “Name” in the first 25 character, because it has 225 characters but you search result shows only first 25 characters.
  • Name of the App should be unique unless copied name throw you into the crowd and you will lose.


The description is the second main thing which attracts peoples who searched for your app.No one downloads your app without knowing your app’s features, work, and other things.It helps to increase the download and sale of your app.

Things Remember while writing the description.

  • Consider the features and benefits.
  • Use Keyword 3-6 times in your app description.
  • Include some social proofs and feedback link of your app users.

3.Cover image and Screenshots

Cover image and screenshots are very important for the visual description of your app.Screenshots show the working condition of your app and also shows your app layout and UI.Screenshots are for the user to see the app in action which increases the chances of the downloading app.

  • Cover Image should be unique
  • Don’t use the same picture from the screenshot.
  • Show the ‘inside’ of your app.
  • Convince users that your app is exactly what they’re looking for.
  • Guide the Customer with Arrows and tips on your Screenshots.

Increase Downloads for Your App

4.Create a Video

Creating videos about your app make your app look more professional because video can tell the people about your app features and functionality.If you’re a professional video editor then you can create your app videos, but if you’re not I suggest you to hire any freelancer who got good voice talent and skills of creating professional videos for your app.

  • You can hire a freelancer on Fiverr.
  • Post the job offer on the different websites similar to Fiverr.
  • You can hire who are specialize in app videos just like

Increase Downloads for Your App

5.Offer Limited Discounts

Offering limited discounts to your customers and visitors is not a bad idea, these tactics lead to generate more downloads and sales of your app.You can offer your app for free or at half price for a period of time.

To promote your discounted price you can share on your social networks accounts and pages, you can advertise your app and also you can use others app which can do it for you. AppGratis is one of them which can promote your app discount rates.

Final Words

These 5 tips are very effective when you’re looking to promote your Android app.We have arranged the list of 5 tips which can really increase Downloads for Your App.It is very important to learn Android app marketing to increase the downloads of your app and increasing the sale of the app.

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