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How to drive traffic to your website from social media

How to drive traffic to your website from social media

Do you have a website or a blog?But still still survive to get traffic,yes this is a story of every new bloggers who are dreaming to become a great blogger Like Amit agarwal.Many of bloggers think that blogging is the easiest way to earn money,but when you are running a blog actually new blog then you understand that nothing is easy even blogging.Bloggers can earn huge money from their blog but you must have patience and skills to make your blog unique from other blog.

How to drive traffic to your website from social media

How to drive traffic to your website from social media

First when I create my first blog,I am dreaming too to earn money from my blog which name is which is no longer live on internet because on 21st sept my blog is going offline.I don’t need to spent money on

I am leaving my blog due to domain extension Domain),Google always show TLD(top level domain) like .com, .org, .net etc.So if you are running a blog on Any country based domain then you must change into TLD domain name to get more traffic.

After purchase new TLD domain you need some traffic but the question is HOW?Your Domain is still new so you do not get search traffic,at that time social Networking sites helps to drive traffic to your website or blog.

Learn How to drive traffic to your website from social media

Social networking websites is the third best method to drive traffic to your website but you are avoiding them.Major blogs never avoid social media because they know social media is one of the best source of traffic.Today we are sharing about how you can drive traffic from social media.

How to drive traffic to your website from social media

How to drive traffic to your website from social media

1.Drive traffic through Facebook:

Millions of users use Facebook daily,they click on lots of  links when they get any great information.You must have a Facebook account and a page of your website just like


  1. Create a Facebook account and then create a page of your website on Facebook.
  2. Add friends on your account more friends you add more traffic you get.
  3. Increase likes and followers of your Facebook Page.
  4. After creating a good Fan following share your website link or Blog post link.

Note:While sharing a blog post remember tag all your friends in the post,with this method your content will reach more audience and readers.But your website or blog must contain a good and valuable content unless readers never come again in the future.

2.Drive traffic through Twitter:

Twitter is one of the best social networking website where you can huge traffic but only when you how to do it properly.Drive traffic thorough twitter is also like Facebook.


  1. Create a twitter account of your Blog and also of your website.
  2. Add peoples and increase followers using Addmefast.
  3. Share your blog post link and tags hundreds and thousand of  peoples who are in your account.

3.Drive traffic through Google plus:

Google plus is owned by Google it means millions of peoples using this social networking website share blog post and you must share your blog post link on Google plus.


  1. Create a Google plus account from your old Google account and create a official page of your blog.
  2. After creating a blog Increase followers of your Google plus official page of your website usingAddmefast
  3. Don’t forget to share your blog post link and tag.Tagging will definitely help to reach direct to more audience.



Driving traffic isn’t too hard and not to much easy,you just have to know right method.These tips are still working,I am also using them to get traffic.Everything is good but you must have to increase more followers because more followers attracts more audience.

Like my post then share my post on different social network.

7 thoughts on “How to drive traffic to your website from social media”

  1. Hi Vinayak Sharma,
    Yes, we can get more blog traffic easily by using social media! It is a good idea to create facebook page for your blog to drive targeted traffic. I got awesome results by using this method. Most of my blog traffic comes from social sites.
    All you need is to create high quality content to get more traffic.
    That’s why one of my blog post “How to increase traffic on blog | tricks to increase 1000+ traffic daily” got a lot of attention by readers! It is the power of content!
    Anyway, well written article for bloggers. Keep it up!
    And, would love to see you on my blog too! Will you?
    M-Minhaj recently posted…Explode Amazing free website traffic now! – Grab 50+ Headline TemplatesMy Profile

  2. Hi Vinayak Sharma,

    Great post indeed!
    I totally agree with you, Driving traffic is not so hard and not so easy. If we work gradually and on daily basis, We can success in our goal. Every blogger have only one goal and that is traffic. traffic mean earning and earning mean success in blogging.

    Now a days, Social media is very popular in driving traffic especially Facebook, Twitter and Google plus.
    as you described, How to drive traffic from Facebook but the problem is how to increase Facebook Fan.

    If we succeed in increasing Facebook Fan, We can get lots of traffic from there.

    Please suggest some tips to increase Facebook and twitter Fan.
    Thanks in advance.

    Areesha Noor!
    Areesha Noor recently posted…Happy New Year 2016 PoemsMy Profile

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