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Home » 5 best Seo tools 2014

5 best Seo tools 2014

5 best Seo tools 2014
5 best Seo tools 2014

5 best Seo tools 2014

Seo is the most important process for any website success and growth,because SEO work for website growth and the main function of website optimization is ‘on-page optimization’.On-page optimization means optimization of HTML tags like meta,description,keyword and title tag,if these tags are created by professional they make your website search engine friendly but if they not it ruined your website on-page optimization.

In this article some of the 5 best Seo tools 2014 On-page seo tools are consider which definitely helps to optimize your website on all major search engines like Google,yahoo,bing,MSN and others.

1.Wordstream : Wordstream is a great tools for SEO of a website,it is a keyword tool which helps to find searched keyword,suggest keyword for your website which results more search result of your website on major search engines.



  • The Free Keyword Tool.
  • The Free Keyword Niche Finder.
  • The Free Keyword Grouper.
  • The Negative Keyword Tool.
2.ÜbersuggestÜbersuggest tools suggest most searched keyword,with these keywords website will start showing in search result.I recommend personally this tool because this page is optimized with Übersuggest suggest keywords.



  • It shows the most search keywords.
  • New suggest keywords.
  • Suggest keyword alphabetically.
3.keywordeye :Keyword Eye suggest great keyword not only suggest keyword it also analyse your website and increase PPC and SEO.It suggest the new and trending keywords according your website Data and also analyse for peoples and readers not only for search engine.
Keyword Eye
Features :
  • Keyword Suggestion.
  • Competitor Analysis.
  • Content Analysis.
4.Title and Description Optimization Tool : This tool one the SEO tool which is using by major website,i am also using this tool and the good thing is it is absolutely free.With this tool you can optimize your meta description,keywords and also title.

Title and Description Optimization Tool

Features :

  • Optimize Meta Description.
  • Optimize Meta Keywords.
  • Optimize Title tag.
5.Image SEO Tool :  Experienced bloggers know how Image SEO are valuable from the point of SEO of a website,Optimized image result higher in search result but if the images are no optimized it ruined your website SEO and your website Doesn’t perform well.
Image SEO Tool
Features : 
  • Shows Alt tag is missing or not.
  • Shows alt description.

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