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How to Choose a blog topic to create a blog

How to Choose a Profitable Niche Topic For Your Blog
How to Choose a Profitable Niche Topic For Your Blog

How to Choose a Profitable Niche Topic For Your Blog

What is a Niche or Topic?

A niche is the topic on which your are providing information for your audience like Blogging tips, WordPress tips and tricks etc.Niche is the main element of your blog, because if you are choosing a good niche for your website it will give you a handsome money but if choose wrong topic (niche), result is your content and website can not make a $.Many of niches are good and some are bad from the Online traffic point of view.It is very tough to select a great niche for your blog which helps to grow your audience and visitors.Here is some points consider about how to choose a niche for earn more.
Read Top 10 Blog ideal Niche.What type of niche?

How to Choose a blog topic

Choose a Niche topic that you are interested about

Many blogger starts blogging on the Niche like health, Insurance and other major Niche, just because of CPC of these niches are high.Blogging isn’t just for earning money, the real meaning of blogging is to share information with other.If you’ve knowledge of something and wants to share with blogger is known as blogging.
You should start blogging on that niche in which your are interested and know everything about that topic.This will help to grow your visitors and folks start love your website or blog because your are providing everything in one place with use full tricks and information.


Competition is tough in blogging we all know that, but to make your blog different from others you must have to add other features in your blog.Selecting a Niche is very important while creating a blog because before your thousands of blogger already owned all visitors on their blog.You need to know how make your blog post more successful.

Select a niche which have most searches but having a less competitors.Fewer competitors more chance to get traffic on search queries related to your Niche.

Info Sources

After competition next big thing is Sources of your blog’s article.Do you know “an article a day can make a way”.It means if you write an article every day your blog will get easily will start showing top in the search result.

Find new posts for Your Blog daily and publish on your blog on the daily basis, this will definitely make your blog famous.


A niche in which you’re interested can make you a pro-blogger like Harsh Agarwal from and Amit Agarwal and


8 thoughts on “How to Choose a blog topic to create a blog”

  1. Hi, Vinayak!

    Yes, you’re right, blogger must to choose a topic of future post depending on own knowledge’s.
    In fact, when you write a post on business theme, it’s more difficult to find a topic, because niche, as a rule, is minor.
    I wish to all of bloggers many inspiration, every time they start a new text!

  2. its really tricky task for blogger to choose topics for new blog posts. Because if we want to get traffic and audience connectivity must be choose good and trendy topic. your article will be helpful for many bloggers thanks for it

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