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How to Find new posts for Your Blog

How to Find new posts for Your Blog

How to Find new posts for Your Blog

Now a day every internet geek wants to create their personal blogs.Some bloggers try to make money some ones not.Creating a blog doesn’t mean you’re going to earn money you have to build a fan following and loyal visitors.

To make a blog successful,a blogger must need to be updated time to time.The first lesson every blogger learns after having a blog is “Content Is King”,it means if you’re updating your content regularly you’ll be able to survive on the internet unless no one visits your blog.

Visitors come to read a blog post that is why content is the only thing that visitors need.Blog layout,page speed and page structure is important as well as but content is more important.

How to Find new posts for Your Blog

Three years ago I created my first blog fun gallery but three years ago I don’t know that how to find content for my blog,but now I know how to find new posts and information for my blog post.Experience taught you everything.

Today I’m going to share some methods that’ll help you to find new posts for your blog which you can post on your blog.

1st method:(Read Post On Major Blogs)

  • Step 1.If you’re running a blog on technology and gadets,visit gizbot,Filehippo news.
  • After visit the website see if there is any new gadgets launch by any company.
  • If yes,then visit the official site of company.
  • Don’t copy paste the features and Specs from major sites it leads to copyright violation and Plagiarism.
  • Make your blog post in your words and trying to write great article.

2nd Method:(Resolve the Queries asked users on Forums)

  • Step 1.Open forums related to your niche.
  • Step 2.See all the Questions which was asked by users.
  • Step 3.Read the answers regarding their problems and Search answers on the internet.
  • Step 4.After reading the answers you’ll know how to resolve the problem which was posted on Forums and Create tutorials on how to resolve a specific problem.Your post must contains deep information.

Some Major Forums: Yahoo! Answers , warrior forum ,Digit Forum , Tech Forum

3rd Method:(Get know whenever new Product Launch)

If you running a product review blog,then follow these steps.

  • Step 1.Search all the brands,manufacturer and companies which are designing,creating and manufacturing the products.
  • Step 2.Now visits their official site.
  • Step 3.Subscribe to their news letter.
  • Step 4.Check daily their advertisements on Youtube and on Netflix.
  • Step 5.Whenever the company launch their product you’ll get the notification,email first which will helps to know that which product is recently launched by company and you can create product review post.

All these three methods uses by most of the bloggers including some major blogs.With these methods you can post articles daily on your blog.

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