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Payment method in Google Adsense


Adsense is a famous website ads publisher,it is owned by Google that is why it is a trusted publisher,many of website owners,bloggers and others using Adsense to earn money online.

Adsense pay a high and handsome amount to their publishers.
Now Google announce a new and safe payment method for adsense users is known as Wire transfer.With Wire transfer Publishers can get money deposited direct to their bank account without any transfer problems.It is Easy to use and easy to transfer.This payment method is safe because of direct deposited into your account.

About new payment method ‘Miki Noda– AdSense Payments Specialist’ clear in his post about new payment method :-

With wire transfer, your earnings are deposited directly into your bank account, offering you a fast, secure, and convenient way to receive AdSense payments. If you’re not already using our new payments system, then wire transfer will become available when your account is transitioned to the new system.

Wire transfer is now available in more countries also in India,it is the easiest way to get payment from adsense but wire transfer may be failed it is did not done carefully.

Some of the tips while get payment through wire transfer.

  1. Correct Bank account number or Bank codes
  2. Your bank account is closed
  3. Your bank account information was entered in localized characters
  4. Your bank account number has hyphens
  5. Your bank code changed as the result of a recent bank merger
  6. Your bank account is not able to receive AdSense payments via international wire transfer
Other Payment Methods
  • Receiving payments by EFT
  • Receiving payments by check
  • Receiving payments by Western Union Quick Cash
  • Receiving SEPA payments

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