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How to Index Your New Blog Post Fast on Google

How to Index Your New Blog Post Fast on Google

How to Index Your New Blog Post Fast on Google

So we’re again here to share How to Index Your New Blog Post Fast on Google.Have you ever Face the problem related to not getting index fast on Google?Don’t worry most of the blogger faces this problem.Whenever you create a post by utilizing your full effort and make a great content, but when Google doesn’t index your article, it was the worst situation that every blogger ever face.

Getting index on Google is not very tough, you just need to know how Google bot works when you publish an article on your blog.To make sure you’re doing the right process of writing an article read this article.

Index Your New Blog Post Fast on Google

  1. Write Great and optimized posts.
  2. Share on Social networks.
  3. Ping your new posts
  4. Blog Commenting
  5. Submit URL in Google to Index.

1.Write Great and optimized posts

Before getting Indexed on Google, you have to write a great and valuable content.Everyone respect Valuable content even Google bot also, but if you’re trying to Index copied articles, then forget to get Index on Google.

You should write an SEO Optimized Post which helps to get index your new article as fast as possible.

Check twice if your blog post contains Grammar error and spelling mistakes.

2.Share on Social networks

After the publishing an article on your blog, you must need share your blog post on Social networks to get the attention of Google bot.Share your post on Facebook, Reddit, Google Plus and on Pinterest.

Sharing on Social networking sites is the best way to tell Google bot that you recently publish an informative article.

Suggested Social Networks: Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest

3.Ping your new posts

Pinging is the best way to request to get Indexed on different search engines without submitting your new article on different search engines.Just Enter your URL in any Pinging tool and submit it to many search engines just in few minutes.

Suggested Ping tool:

4.Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is the second best method to creating high-quality backlinks, So search the high-quality blogs which allow to comment on their blogs specially do-follow blogs.

Read Suggested post on Find Do-follow comments enabled blogs.

  1. 101 commentluv do-follow backlinks Enabled blog
  2. find commentluv premium plugin enabled blogs

5.Submit URL in Google to Index

After following all the process its time to submit new article’s URL to the Google, Click here, enter your blog post’s URL and Submit it to Google Webmasters tools.This tool is provided by Google which allow you to request a URL to index on Google.I’m doing same with my all post included with How to Index Your New Blog Post Fast on Google.


Once you get index on Google, always follow these steps to get your blog top in the search result.These tips are 100% safe and tried by me so you don’t worry you’re not going to penalize.

If you get indexed on Google by using these tips then what are you waiting for just share this with your friends on Social networks.

9 thoughts on “How to Index Your New Blog Post Fast on Google”

  1. Beautiful! I went through most of these steps and now I’m indexed. I’m not high in the page rankings yet but good to know that I’m out there now. Greatly appreciate the useful tips
    I actually detailed me going through these steps on for the site and some of the issues I experienced, including some problems with getting the sitemap to work on Google and Bing webmaster tools. Ultimately I used Yoast for the wordpress plugin and it fixed the problems.

    Again, thanks so much!
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  2. really informative post those who are unable how to promote content or easily get rank we can do promotion of blog posts or done second step SEo to get rank on Google

  3. Thanks for sharing.I’m using the same tips you’re mentioned is this post and my new post got indexed fast whenever I publish new article, but my post doesn’t showing in top 10 results.
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