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How To Write SEO Optimized Posts

How To Write SEO Optimized Posts

How To Write SEO Optimized Posts

“Content is king”, everyone knows that, so our today’s article is on How To Write SEO Optimized Posts.Do you know that SEO optimized posts can increase your blog’s page positions in Google Search result? Showing up in the search result leads to increase your blog’s conversion rate and also helps to increase your blog;s ranking and earning through Google Adsense.

Everything like conversion rate, your blog’s Rank and others things are directly related to your blog’s earning that is why professionals SEO never ignore little things in SEO.Read This post on How To Write SEO Optimized Posts and make your articles easy to index on Google and other major search engines.

How To Write SEO Optimized Posts

Write an SEO optimized posts is not hard you just need to focus to what are you doing and what you should be.

  1. Number of Words
  2. Post title and Meta title
  3. Post meta description
  4. Image Alt Attribute
  5. Headings
  6. KeyWord placement.

Number of Words

Writing an article of 100-200 words is pretty much a waste of time.You have to write an article which must be in 500-700 words which contain the deep knowledge related to your topic.All the words you’re writing must be related to your topic unless Search bot listed your site as scrap content or multi-niche website.

Write a great Post Title and Meta Title

The post title and meta title is not always same, how users will see your post it’ll depend on your articles title and how search bot will see your post is depending on meta title.In other words, Post title helps to show the right article to user and meta title helps to understand to search engine bots that which article is right for users.

To optimize you blog post, post title must contain keyword related to your post. Click here to read more

Post meta description

Meta description plays a crucial role to optimize a blog post, meta description tells search engine bot that site contain the information related to your queries.If you blog post doesn’t contain description the add descriptions in all posts.

A good description is become great when you add the keyword related to your post, a keyword can make your description more powerfull for search engines.

Image Alt Attribute

Images are the second most searched thing on the internet, millions of people search images on the internet that is why it is the second best source of traffic, but if you’re not adding alt tag in images then you’re missing lot of traffic.

To get more traffic from images you must need to add alt attribute in images, it leads to the success of your blog by indexing your blog article fast on the internet.


Whenever your write an article don’t forget to add heading in your article.Search Engine like that article which are well written and formatted with heading, paragraphs and bullets.The not formatted article never survives on the internet for a long period.

Add H1 heading once on your page and H2 Heading at the time of sub-headings.

Keyword placement

Keyword placement is very crucial part in SEO.Right placement of keyword can put your blog top in the search result and wrong placement of keyword leads can make your blog hard to find on the search engines.

To write SEO optimized posts, you need to add a primary keyword in the first sentence and also at the time of ending your article.Add your keyword after 80-100 words can make your article more search engine friendly.

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