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Top 10 Blog ideal Niche for earn money

Blogging is not only for fun or hobby its also uses to earn extra income.If you plan to start a blog which gives you money and do not want to spend too much time for it,then you have to choose some nice Blogging niche which helps to earn online money daily news update,cricket score update or trending news is good niches but they expired soon in easy language people getting bored after 2-3 weeks visiting or searching trending news and you have to daily update your blog if you want to make your blog more impressive and also have to spend more and more time on your blog content and update daily or 2-3 times in a day.
When I decided to create Fungallery,I was confuse about what niche should I choose for my website after 3 month we decided to create fungallery on blogging tips,Online making money and social media these are not these are not good niches for newbie beacuse if you do not know about internet,optimization,blogging and social networks then you cannot be success which these niches.

How to choose right niche for you?

This is most important thing that every blogger have to understand that which niche is good for you not only for audience because visitors wants good information about topic.Before creating a blog you should have perfect knowledge about niche on which you want to start a blog if you do not have perfect knowledge your blogger survive too much long.I am sharing some good and use full niche for newbies.

Top 10 Blog ideal Niche for earn money

  1. Mobile and Mobile AppsMobile is the latest trend in market,every one is using mobiles phones and wants some new updates on mobile OS new versions,new games,new apps,security apps etc.thousands of people searching about new,latest smart phones,android phones,windows phones and also their applications.You can start a blog on mobile and apps.


  2. Gadgets:Gadgets niche is similar to mobiles; you can Update head phones, speakers,mobiles, ,TV, Xbox, PlayStation,wrist watches,Pen drives, keyboards, Mouse, Bluetooth,
    notebooks, laptops and tablets. You should update mostly information posts about gadgets about
    complete gadgets not its parts.

  3. Programming
    If you know about programming languages and you have programming courses,you can create a website or blog on programming niche and share your knowledge with others.If you know everything about Php,C#,C++ or java you can start your online classes.People love e-learning for free and the also pay for it.



  4. Web Designing and Web Development
    Web designing and web development is also a high paying niche in which you can create or teach how to create a website or develop a website or blog.In you blog Highlight solution of problems like how get backup of your WordPress blog or How to create Data Base Backup for you WordPress blog.In this topic you can Share about tutorials of photo shop,Dreamweaver, etc.



  5. Computer Games
    If you are addictive to computer or video games so this niche is only for you and it can generate a handsome amount for you,You can write about latest released games,most popular games.You can submit more than single category like,racing,wrestling,Haunted games,zombies etc.


  6. Software Review and Download(Like
    Software reviews and download is the one of oldest niche but still a great niche like others,millions of peoples who does not know about new software like how they work.You can create a blog on software reviews in which you can share about software,how to install,its requirements,or you can give download from its official website.


  7. Health And Fitness
    Health and fitness blog niche is most popular blog,this type of blog having a solid and daily readers.If you are creating health and fitness blog you can share about how to loose weight,how to gain weight,how to get rid of scars,eating habit,about which is good to eat for you health etc.Ypu can also include about gym niche in which you can tell about some exercises,Yoga is also included in this niche.


  8. Jokes and SMS
    You can create a blog on Funny jokes,SMS,motivational,inspiring,thoughts,love,romantic,festival wishes,birthday wishes and others type of text sms.


  9. Music and Lyric
    Music is the biggest niche for lots of traffic,if you want millions of people in less time you can create a blog or full wbsite on songs and music,you jsut have to share songs,albums related to popular singlers like Akon,lady gaga,enrique etc.In india movie’s songs are downloaded millions time in a day so you can create a website on bollywood music or bollywood movie songs.


  10. Education and Exam Preparation
    Staring a blog on Education and exam preparation is easy and also good,lots of students during exam time find solution of their problems.Provide some good stuff about education,university like,previous exams paper,Date sheets etc.


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