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Home » WhatsApp Tips : Secure Your WhatsApp chat with these tips

WhatsApp Tips : Secure Your WhatsApp chat with these tips

WhatsApp Tips : Secure Your WhatsApp chat with these tips

Millions of user around the world are using WhatsApp messenger on the daily basis and a single user send & received hundreds of messages on WhatsApp.WhatsApp is especially famous between teenagers and the young generation of every country.

WhatsApp chat is not the same as text messages service of your mobile network service provider.WhatsApp chat is different and it is easy to read others messages on WhatsApp.

We all send and received hundreds of images, videos and other docs on WhatsApp, but do you know how safe WhataApp is?

If you Want to secure your WhatsApp chat, then read these tips on Secure Your WhatsApp chat with these tips.

1.Lock Your WhatsApp

The first tip is to lock your WhatsApp which encrypted your chat and no one can read your messages without your permission and without knowing the password.WhatsApp developers don’t allow  to lock the WhatsApp, but there are many third party apps which encrypted your WhatsApp chat.

You can try App lock, CM App lock

2.Disable Media Auto download

Next tip is to disable auto download media like images, videos and audios.Whenever your friends send images or videos, all the media will download automatically ans starts appear in Gallary.

To disable auto-download media go to settings>>Chat setting>>Media auto-download>>De-sellect all the boxes in all three options

3.Hide Last Seen

Hiding last seen helps not to find that when you come online and go offline on WhatsApp by others.This feature helps to hide when you come online last time.

4.Disable the Showing WhatsAp Images in Gallary

Disable showing WhatsApp media is the best way to hide images you received on WhatsApp.Folks check the image gallery first, so users must need to disable showing WhatsApp images  in Gallery.

To hide WhatsApp images in the gallery, go to the folder of WhatsApp Media>>select a folder like images,videos and others>>change the name of the folder from “Images” to “.Images”.

5.Restrict Profile Photo Showing

If you set your real photo on WhatsApp and don’t want to show to everyone, then use the feature which provided by WhatsApp developers to set profile pictures to showing to “contacts only”.

Anyone can download your profile pictures whenever your talk to a person who is not added your contacts list even if you reply the unwanted message.So use this feature to set profile picture showing to contacts only.

Go to settings in WhatsApp>>Account>>Privacy Setting>>Proflie Photo>>Select My Contacts only

6.Do not Click on the Spam links

Hackers and spammers send bulk links as private messages and also in the WhatsApp groups.If you click on these links, it may be leads to stolen your personal information by hackers without your permission.

7.Avoid to send Personal Information

Do not send your personal information like ID,password, Emails and bank account numbers.This will secure your personal information.If you share your credit card details, emails or other secret info, then switch to telegram and use its secret chat feature.

Final Words

We’ll share what we know, if you know more tips to secure WhatsApp chats, then contact us we’ll add in our list.

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  1. whatsapp Is ine if the most popular apps that all peoples should have because it is very easy to ise and read. Not everyone knows about the above info. Thanks bro gor sharing. Sharing is caring…

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