How to Improve Battery life of Mobile phones

How to Improve Battery life of Mobile phonesPhone’s battery is the biggest issue nowadays because of smartphone addiction.Mostly civilised peoples always connected with World with the help of phone.Imagine if phone’s battery stop working and you have no other option to contact with your family.You can miss your office meeting because of schedule alarm which only notify you when your phone is on. Everyone has different opinion to improve the battery life of your phone, but most of them are not correct or less effective.Today we’re going to share How to Improve Battery life of Mobile phones.It is possible to improve the battery life of phone’s, but you have to follow some steps.

Steps to Improve Battery life of Mobile phones

Here are the some steps which improves the battery life of your smartphone.

1.Overheating of Smartphones

Overheating of a smartphone not directly effect your phone’s battery in short time, but it affect your phone’s battery life in a long time.Overheating while playing intensive games and surfing the internet may be harmful to your battery. Solution: Users of smartphone should not use the phone if the phone is using since a long time.If you’re watching movies or other videos then swipe to close apps which are running in the background.You can find the background running the app in recent widget option.

2.Don’t use your phone while charging

Experts say that avoid using phone while charing of phone battery.This will also may harm your phone’s battery.Whenever users use the phone while charging that type of small loads stop battery to charge it’s peak point which may decrease the life of the battery. Solution: If it is essential to use your phone while charging or you have to use your phone urgently then switch off your phone or activate Airplane mode(Flight mode).This will charge your battery faster.I personally experience that battery charge in less time while the phone was switched off.

3.Uninstall unnecessary apps

Uninstall unnecessary apps may improve the battery life of your phone because unnecessary apps drain battery whenever you charge your phone which harm the battery and affect the battery life. Solution: Find and uninstall the unnecessary apps which you’re no longer using for example, Facebook app, you can browse Facebook from the browser so you no need to install Facebook and it’s messaging messenger.

4. Avoid Fake or Duplicate Charger

Every phone manufacturer company suggest not to use duplicate charger or another brand charger to charge phone’s battery.Duplicate charges are not tested by engineers and not certified to use your phone, on the other hand, original chargers are specially build for a specific phone model. Solution: Whenever you find that your phone’s charger dies, then borrow a charger from your friend if he/she have the same phone you have.You can find the authorised dealer of your phone brand accessories and buy the original charger.

5.Charge battery Maximum 90%

Another point which is to follow does not charge your phone battery more than 90%.Do you know that you should charge your phone battery less than its capacity?This will increase the life of the battery.Numbers are not much important, you can charge your phone 60, 70, 80 % and again charge when you found your battery charging level at 30%-40%.

6.Don’t leave the phone on the charger all night

This is the old saying that leave your phone on the charger all night so you can get fully charged the phone in the morning.This is not the right method of charging.Mostly when phone overcharged battery will be damaged and lost its capacity. Overcharging of the battery is also the reason of blast in the phone.So avoid charging the phone in the all night.You can charge your phone after the switch of your phone to charge the battery in less time.

4 thoughts on “How to Improve Battery life of Mobile phones

  1. Hi Dear,

    I totally agree with you,
    We should not use mobile phone while charging. As you said, Don’t charge battery over 90 % and charge it when it below 30-40%. You are truly right. whenever my brother and sister use my tab, I always say Please leave tab when batter is less than 20%. Don’t use tab after less than 20%. because when my tab switch of auto, I mean when it reach to 4%. It automatically switch off. then it is very hard to charge it with in 4-5 hour but when I leave on it charge while switch on. then it charge the mobile within 2 hour.

    One thing more, turn off wifi or data connection after using mobile phone. It will also affect on mobile charging.

    Any way thanks for sharing these great information to save battery life.

    Areesha Noor!
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