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How to Get Your Blog on top in the Google Search Result Fast

How to Get Your Blog on top in the Google Search Result Fast
How to Get Your Blog on top in the Google Search Result Fast

How to Get Your Blog on top in the Google Search Result Fast

Today We’re talking about “How to Get Your Blog on top in the Google Search Result Fast“.To get huge traffic your blog need to show on the top in search result.Google will only index those blogs which have unique and quality post or information so you work and write a full,great,unique and valuable post.

You can’t do anything without huge traffic but if your blog have massive traffic this will make you a pro blogger and rich but the question is “how to get traffic“,We have the answer of your question but before you should usewhite hat techniques instead of black hat techniques.

If you’re using black hat techniques you’ll penalized by Google which result your website doesn’t get any single visit and lost your all website rank.

Tips to Get higher in Search Result

Showing on the top in the Google Search Result isn’t so easy because of competition.Before getting higher in search result you must need to learn basics.Basics of SEO is a platform where all advance tricks are standing.

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On page Search Engine Optimixation

On page SEO is the first step in which  you have to optimize your blog post or Main index page.In on-page SEO many things are included like,Meta tags,Page Speed,optimized layout,unique post,search right keyword and others.

  • Meta tags:Meta data tags are the information about your document ,page or website which is hide from browser but helps to understand Search engine bot about your website.In the absence of meta tags search engine bot do not crawl your website.

For example

<meta charset=“UTF-8″>
<meta name=“description” content=“Free Web tricks”>
<meta name=“keywords” content=“SEO,Optimization”>
<meta name=“author” content=“Ewebtip”>

For More Visit : W3schools this tutorial

  • Page Speed:Suppose you visit a website and waiting for website to open completely and after 10 minutes website doesn’t open you’ll close first one and trying to open second one.So if your website having a slow speed then customers,visitors ignore your website and open another one.You must need to increase your website speed to get higher in search result.This is my website’s speed test score 93 out of 100.
  • Layout:If your are website designer and designing a website so do not forget to verify your HTML on this will helps to decrease your HTML mistakes.
  • Unique post:I already explain the advantages of unique blog post in my previous post 5 Tips how to create quality content.Your post should contains 500+ words.
  • Right Search keyword:Right search keyword is is useful to optimize your blog post on search engine it helps to search bot to understand about your post.You can read and know more about how to search right key word and description.

Off page Search Engine Optimization

Off page optimization is also the main element of optimizing your website or blog.In off-page optimization you’ll get traffic from social networks,other blogs,Directories and from just have to expand your presence on social networks like Facebook,become other features guest post contributor,become featured member on some major directories and on forums.

Try these techniques of Off-Page optimization.

). Community Creation in Social Networking Sites

2). Forum Postings.

3). Search Engine Submission.

4). Directory Submission.

5). Social Bookmarking.

6). Link Exchange.

7). Link Baiting.

8). Cross-Linking.

9). Article Submission.

10). Social and Shopping Network.


Backlinks are your website,blog or blog post links which are placed on other websites or blog.Backlinks are also known as inbound,incoming, inlinks etc and the best way to increase backlinks is to find comment luv backlinks and publish your comment.After commenting on comment luv enabled blog comment luv plugin post your website last post link as Do-follow links.

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