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How to Improve Alexa rank of your website

How to Improve Alexa rank of your website
How to Improve Alexa rank of your website

How to Improve Alexa rank of your website

Alexa rank is a tool which is associated with Amazon company,it shows all the website traffic statistics,locations where from visitors come to your website and calculate visitors and page views and on the basis of visitors,Alexa provides a Rank of your website in all over world (Global) and your Country Based.

It is very tough to improve your Alexa rank because Alexa rank can be improved if your website get good traffic unless your website ranking can not be improve.

Learn How to Improve Alexa rank

Today I am going to share with you how i actually improve my Alexa ranking from 1506561 to 478,283 in just 4 months.If you want to improve your website Alexa rank then you must know about SEO(Search Engine Optimization).SEO is not a rocket science,you just have to understand what visitors want from your website.On page optimization is important and off-page optimization is also important for your website growth.Alexa provides every website rank on the basis of visitors,if your website have good website traffic then Alexa gives good rank to your website.

So the first goal is to increase traffic

How to increase traffic?

  1. First step is to add some useful content on your website which is helpful for visitors avoid to add content which doesn’t match with your website niche,for example-you run a blog on technology and you are posting about fashion and other waste content.If you are not adding content which is related to your website niche,it result your website start losing visitors and Alexa rank too.
    Add Some Useful Content
  2. Second Step is check your spelling and grammar error,this will spoil your content and website because Google Bot index those pages which has an Nil violation of Google policies.
    Grammar problem
  3. Third Step is On-Page optimization,it means adding Title tag,Meta description tag and keyword tag.Without On-page optimization,it is impossible to get higher in the search result.If your blog doesn’t have META tags then Google Bot never waste their efforts and time on your website.
    On Page Optimization
  4. Forth Step is Add Images in your website content and also add ALT tag in images.ALT tag is helping to optimize your content images.
  5. Fifth step is use single category for single post,for-example,put a single post which is about search engine optimization and select more than one category for that post and put into blogging,SEO even in earn money online too.This will confuse the Google bot and fail to indexed in Google Search result.
  6. Sixth Step is Add a sitemap to your Google webmaster tools,Bing webmaster tools in .XML format.Sitemap helps to indexed all the pages of your website.
    Add Sitemap
  7. Seventh Step is Crawling your website on Google,Bing and on yahoo!,more you crawl more visitors you get from search engines.
    Crawl Your Website
  8. Eight Step is one the most important step which is Add High Page Rank backlinks which is help to increase your site reputation,visitors and Google Page Rank too.You can add High PR backlinks on Directories and other blogging website in the comments.
    Add high Page Rank Backlinks
  9. Ninth Step is pinging your website or blog.I am using to ping my website.It is really helpful to increase visitors on my blog.
    Ping your website regurlar
  10. Tenth Step is an analysis of your website with the help of online or offline tools which are free or paid Website auditors.Woorank,mysiteauditors and others are great tools with accurate information.First check problems of your website then correct them.
    Website analysis

Off-page Optimization

Off page optimization

Want to increase traffic on your website then off-page is also important method of optimize your website easily,it works directly and to the targeted customers which are searching information related to your topic.Here is a list of Off-page SEO techniques.

1). Community Creation in Social Networking Sites

2). Forum Postings.

3). Search Engine Submission.

4). Directory Submission.

5). Social Bookmarking.

6). Link Exchange.

7). Link Baiting.

8). Cross-Linking.

9). Article Submission.

10). Social and Shopping Network.



In the end, honestly I used all these steps and tricks to improve my blog rank in Alexa.You can check my old Alexa ranking and my new Alexa ranking.Optimization of a website is not a rocket science,you just have to understand the need of your visitors and the Search Engine bot too.Complete all these steps this will definitely help to improve your website ranking.Good luck,if you like my post then share it and give suggestions.

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