Facebook Launching its new Safety Check tool today

Facebook Launching its new Safety Check tool today
Facebook Launching its new Safety Check tool today

Facebook launch a new tools “Safety Check” which shows you that you are safe or not to your parents and Facebook friends,Yes this is true according to newsroom.fb.com this tools helps to know your parents and friends that you are safe when you are in the city or near the place in the situation of any natural disaster.

In the situation of any natural disaster or dangerous situation due to flood,earthquake or others you interact friends and family on Facebook to tell about the situation and conditions of area it is critical situation for both you and also for your family at that time.

Due to critical situation Facebook launch a new tool “Safety check” which provide information about your area that you are safe or not in the any natural disaster.

According Facebook this tools will help you During a major disaster.

  • Let friends and family know you’re safe
  • Check for other friends who are in affected areas
  • Safe your friends and family members from natural disaster

How this tool works for you

This tools is work in according to your recent location and last use of internet.In brief,Facebook activate this tool after knowing about natural disaster affected area and you’re in the affected area according to your “current city” in the profile and your last use of internet you’ll receive a notification from Facebook that you’re safe.

You can share this with you friends and only friends can know that you’re safe or not and also can comment.

In the situation of natural disaster,if Facebook found your location wrong then they’ll show you outside the area.You friend can also mark you as safe with the help of this tool and if you’re safe you can update feed post directly from Facebook with peoples.


How this tools work For your Friend

If you activated you safety check tools and you friend is in that area of natural disaster then you’ll receive a notification about your friend is safe or not.You can mark him/her as safe.


Developers of this tools says that this tool will help to know about your loved ones condition after the natural disaster.

This post is originally founded from newsroom.fb.com.

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