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5+ Essential Tech Gadgets For Travel Bloggers

Tech Gadgets

There is no job better than being a travel blogger! You get to live your dream of traveling around the world. Travelling is all about living in now and capturing the moments for later.

To capture the moments and make an attractive blog post it is an absolute must to have some tech gadgets to make your experience of traveling a lot better.

Here are five essential tech gadgets for travel bloggers that will surely help you kick off your career as travel blogger:

Essential Tech Gadgets For Travel Bloggers


The mantra to win huge followers as a travel blogger is to share some fantastic pictures and videos. Look for a compact camera that doesn’t take a lot of space in your bag.

Don’t forget to invest in lenses because as a travel blogger you will not want to miss clicking the spectacular shots because of the wrong lenses. But remember buying a high-end camera without the knowledge of using it is a waste of time.

If you travel on bike them you might record videos of your riding, so you can use action camera which you can mount on your helmet.Every moto blogger uses action camera to record their riding videos.

Tech Gadgets


As a travel blogger, the first and foremost tech gadget that you must own is the full-spec laptop. Choose the laptop very carefully as it should be equipped to help you edit the pictures and videos.

You can even consider the hybrids that work as both laptop and tablet because of the ease of use and convivence assured. You can then use as an entrainment device during your flights, train travel or bus travel.

Tech Gadgets

3.Portable hard drive

A portable hard disk is a crucial tech gadget for the travel bloggers as it allows them to save the pictures, videos, and video bites safely on the hard disk. Also, you can use the hard drive to access the past files quickly without having to worry about the internet connection.

Some of the bloggers just resort to cloud services for file storage. While that is a good idea, you have to remember that there are still areas which do not provide decent internet connection.Hence, invest in a good portable hard drive.

Tech Gadgets


It is an absolute must. Pick a phone with good camera quality so that you can share your real adventure time. Look for features like panorama, time-lapse and Slow-Motion in the phone camera as these enhance the experience. When buying the smartphone prefer buying one that is both waterproof and scratch proof. As a travel blogger, you must load it with useful apps that allow you to edit pictures and videos.

Also, your smartphone should have all the necessary social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It is not all; you can use your smartphone to make web-check-ins, buy a ticket to the attractions or museum or train ride on the go. With the smartphone don’t forget to carry the selfie-stick. It will help you get the tricky shots or include yourself in some interesting shot.

Tech Gadgets

5.Power Bank

This is another must-have tech gadget. Remember, all places will not have charging points, so it is essential to invest in a sturdy power bank or portable charger.

When you are using your smartphone for everything right from booking cab, looking for directions, entertainment, clicking pictures and making videos the battery is sure to drain quickly. So, just plug in the power bank and keep your phone charged all the time.

The best thing you can do is to bring your own portable charger. It is essential, especially if you are always using your smartphones. Even when you are in a secluded and isolated island, you will still have enough power to make calls – that is, if there is signal!

Tech Gadgets

One more gadget that needs to be mentioned is the headphones. It is best to invest in an excellent noise-canceling headphone. So if you are a travel blogger or simply love traveling, make sure to put the above-mentioned gadgets on your checklist.

However these gadgets are not the only essentials you will require on your trip, there is a long list of other tools that can make your holiday fun and interesting. You can check them on Savvy Expeditioner and get started planning your travel bucket list.


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