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How To Show Latest Posts on a Custom Page in WordPress

How To Show Latest Posts on a Custom Page in WordPress

How To Show Latest Posts on a Custom Page in WordPressYou can see that WordPress shows your latest post in the Front page or Home page by default with older posts available via post navigation on Page 1 , Page 2 etc.Today we’re sharing a tutorial on How To Show Latest Posts on a Custom Page in WordPress.

We all use different theme, and this tutorial will be helpful for those who want to show their blog post on or and for those also who wants to use a static or custom page as their home page to show latest post in a business WordPress theme.

We’re using WP_Query loop to display your blog post and its other page.

For example:

  1. – Displays Latest Post
  2. – displays second page of posts
  3. – displays third page of posts

How Helpful is this tutorial to you?

If you’re a pro blogger and doesn’t sell any service then this post is useless for you, but if you’re in a professional business and selling your own product or you’re affiliated to sell any product then this tutorial will definitely help you to fix all the issue related to showing WordPress blog posts.

If you want to show a custom business front page on your site and doesn’t want to install new WordPress on to show your latest blog post then this tutorial will help you to show your existing blog post on

Remove the Business template and Show posts on the Front page

This tutorial helps to set a custom homepage which shows all the latest post on a custom page.Imagine if you’re facing a problem that you installed a business wp theme like Parallax one WP theme.

This theme doesn’t show latest posts in the front page.Instead of showing all post in the front page it shows business template.If you’re facing the same problem then follow these steps to fix this issue.

Step 1.Create a Page and upload it on server

In the first step create a new page template named page-blog.php and paste this code.If you want to more than 5 posts per page then change 5 to 10.After create the page-blog.php named page, upload it to the server.


query('showposts=10' . '&paged='.$paged); while ($wp_query->have_posts()) : $wp_query->the_post(); ?>

" title="Read more">

1) { ?>

Step 2.Add New Page From WordPress Dashboard

Now go to your WordPress Dashboard and create a new page named Blog or what you want from WordPress dashboard.

Click on the left menu>>Page>>New Page>>Enter the name and done.

Step 3.In the third step, search for the “Page Attributes” option and select blog in the template option in the right sidebar.

Now open the page you’ll see that all the post will start showing on a custom page.

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