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Home » The Proper way to do Guest Blogging in 2014 on your blog

The Proper way to do Guest Blogging in 2014 on your blog

The Proper way to do Guest Blogging in 2014 on your blog
The Proper way to do Guest Blogging in 2014 on your blog

The Proper way to do Guest Blogging in 2014 on your blog

Guest blogging isn’t the great way to creating backlinks.Guest blogging is actually a way to share your thoughts and information on others major blogs but some blog owners are doing guest blogging just to leave their backlinks of their blog.

Google is strict about their policies that is why Google panalysis poor guest blogging because of poor content.Google respect genuine bloggers and hate fake bloggers.Google panalyse poor content which was written by a newbies.

Matt cuts says,

Guest blogging isn’t dead completely,it is just being revised to new way.



If you’re new to guest blogging,so first read about guest blogging.


What is Actually a Guest blogging?

Guest blogging is a way to increase traffic and popularity of your blog and easy way to getting famous on other major blogs.In guest blogging contributors writing articles on other major blogs and become famous on major blog which helps to drive traffic from major blog to their blogs.Same as owners of major blogs get more traffic when contributors visits and contributors increases number of total articles on their blog.

Some times ago in guest blogging sharing do-follow links are safe but according to Google in 2014,do-follow link sharing in guest blogging can be affect your ranking.

According to Google,nowadays the level of guest blogging becoming spammy so Google decided to block poor guest blogging.If you allow poor guest blogging on your blog then Google enlisted your blog to spam list.

What is Actually a Guest blogging?

What is Actually a Guest blogging?

What you shouldn’t do in Guest blogging?

  • Restrict low quality guest post,this will spoil your blog’s ranking when Google starts spam your blog.
  • Restrict copy Content,copy content means stolen content which is a crime in blogging world because Google never allows copy content.
  • Restricted those articles which was generated by article re-writer software.This is also banned by Google because of plagiarism.
  • Restrict direct publishing on your blog without your permission.
  • Restrict do-follow linking on your blog.Do-follow linking means you’re giving a backlink on guest posting,in other words you’re selling backlink space on your blog which price is a new article.


1.Low quality guest post : Low quality guest post means,article without full and deep information.If you’re a professional blogger then you can understand the advantage of article with full and deep information.Writing a post about anything doesn’t make you a professional blogger,you have to write everything about that topic.Readers want to know everything even a small information about that product or topic.

2.Scrap or Copied content : Some new bloggers have a though in their mind that they’ll become a successful blogger with the stolen and copied content.Again they are wrong,Google is very intelligent search engine and if you’re trying to allow scrap and copied content on your blog from guest blogging so you should ready in future when Google banned you.

3.Articles generated by Software : Generally article re-writer software are famous for creating unique articles but you need to that this is another another method which is already banned by Google.According to Google’s terms of services,a blogger need to share their personal and unique thoughts,information, and tricks.Copy from other blog and paste on your blog isn’t blogging.So you should never use software for creating a unique article.

4.Direct publishing on your blog : Direct publishing on your blog means,a contributor have permission to publish their articles without author information.

5.Restrict do-follow linking on your blog : Do-follow linking on your blog will be known as selling of backlinks on the exchange of guest post,in other words your blog will be enlisted by Google in the list of those blogs which are selling backlinks on their blog(we can say that on the exchange of articles or price of backlink is a article which was posted on your blog).

What you should do in Guest blogging?

  • Create a terms and conditions page which shows your TOS.
  • Guest posting through Email.
  • Add No-follow external plugin.
  • Allow only free images instead of copyright images.
  • Allow articles which is related to your niche.


1.Create TOS : Creating TOS(terms of services) will safe your blog’s reputation because and this is the best way to tell fake contributors that you’re  not going to accept spammers on your blog.In TOS you can right what you need and what you don’t need.if contributors are following all policies then you can accept them on your blog network.

2.Guest posting through Email : Guest posting through email is the best and safest way to enable guest blogging on your blog.In email guest blogging,you have to provide an email on which contributors send post and their information on your email address and if you’re satisfied then you can accept and published that post by your hand.

3.Add no-follow external plugin : No-follow external plugin helps to change all the do-follow link to no-follow links.This will restrict do-follow linking on your blog.Here is a plugin,I’m also using this plugin No-follow external plugin

4.Allow free images : Allow free images on your blog because using copyrighted images may be affect your ranking on Google.

5.Allow articles which is related to your niche : Google hate off topic articles which is not related to your niche so allow only those articles which are related to your niche.


Before starting guest blogging on your blog keep always in your mind that Google won’t allowed low quality guest blogging so follow all these instructions before starting guest blogging on your blog network.

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