Should You Buy Followers or not?

Should You Buy Twitter Followers or not?Should You Buy Twitter Followers or not?

Become famous on social media is a new trend among the teenagers,that is why everyone is using black hat techniques,Black hat techniques mean wrong methods which attract people to follow you on Twitter,Facebook,Instagram and other social networking sites.

This is a bitter truth that 75% users on the internet are using follower increasing software to increase their followers.Using these softwares doesn’t mean you’ll get real friends.Users who are following you mostly are fake IDs,so increasing followers from these types of online software doesn’t good.

Whats is exactly Buying Followers?

Buying followers refers,when you’re exchanging anything with others to get more followers.It can be money,your likes,your visits,free stuffs and others.Many websites like Addmefast offer you to buy followers for Twitter,Facebook,Instagram and others.With these types of website you can buy followers in $10-20$.If you do not want to buy followers by giving money,then their is also an another option in which you can earn some points by liking,sharing and following some one’s page.

If you’re thinking that earning points by sharing,following doesn’t included in purchasing followers then you’re wrong.Earning points and increasing followers by exchanging clicks and followers is the same thing as buying followers.

Things that Spoil your blog’s Reputations

If you’re new blogger and doing work with your full effort to make your blog famous then never buy followers for any social networking site.Buying blogger maybe not good for new bloggers because every visitor of your blogs knows about your blog’s popularity.

Increase Facebook and Twitter followers

Should You Buy Followers or not?

1.Low popularity on Social Media

When you buy followers for your blog you’ll get only peoples who follow you.You aren’t getting loyal followers who are willing to engage with you and with your blog.Real and loyal Followers are interested and willing to connect with you.

When you post anything on social networking sites your loyal followers will take interest and also follow the link of your post.but followers which you buy from other sites don’t even see your posts.

2.Loss of reputation

After buying followers in a few bucks,you’ll see the increasing numbers of followers,but they are not real.Mostly fake accounts are available for sale as followers on social networks,In less popularity,if your blog’s social page will get thousands of followers that doesn’t mean you are going to famous.

Your loyal followers are start hating your because of fake followers and your blog’s reputation starts decreasing.Buying followers is dis-respect of real and loyal followers and it may result that your loyal followers starts un-follow and un-subscribe you.

3.You’ll get found by your followers

That doesn’t matter how but you’ll get found out that you are buying followers for your social media page.Your loyal fan following may affect just because you’re buying followers.With this online App anyone can know that your blog have loyal followers or not.

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