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How to file a complaint to google for Copied content

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Whenever you published a post on your blog,it may be copied by other copy paste bloggers.Creating a valuable post is much harder than copy and paste from another blog,but it is a more accurate way to make your blog very famous.Copy content from other blogs is easy but not an ideal way to do blogging.

Google can easily find the blog which is violating their policies and delete content from search engine only if copyrighted blogger complaint about any copyright violation.

What Is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism refers to when you publish a post and other new or old blogger copy your text content or Images without your permission and published on their blog.Now on the Google search pages one more search result may show before you,plagiarism directly decreases the search result of your page on google or other search engines.

How to file a complaint to google for Copied content

Google always very strict about plagiarism.Google searches copied content and delete them from the search result,but if you found any url which contains your own content you can file a request to delete that url from search result.

  1. To remove results from Google Plus
  2. To remove results from Google Play
  3. To remove results from Blogger
  4. To remove results from Google Web Search

>>Steps For Request to delete a Web Search Result

Step 1.

Click here to visit page ‘Removing Content From Google’.After open this page you’ll see some options,select the option ‘I have a legal issue that is not mentioned above’.

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Step 2.

Select an option ‘I have found content that may violate my copyright‘.

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Step 3

In Step 3 select option ‘Yes,I’m the copyright owner or am authorized to act on the copyrights owner’s behalf’.

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Step 4

Select the option of which type or content you’re telling about.

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Step 5

Then visit the link which will appear at the bottom “Form“.

Step 6

Fill this form related to your information with your name,Email address,your Page URL and violating URL.


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