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List of best search engines to Submit your blog

Best Search Engines

Best Search Engines

In our last post on SEO,we enlisted some best way to drive traffic to your blog and one of the best method we enlisted in our post was drive traffic to your blog with the help of major search engines and directories.Directories helps to drive visitors directly to your blog where they’ll find correct information and every one knows that Google is on the top but other search engines also getting huge traffic and millions of search queries daily so why you are stick only on Google.

Google is the most visited and used search engine but Bing and yahoo also the 2nd third most visited search engines.So if you really want to get traffic on your blog from search engines.

So here the list the best search engines where you should submit your blog to get more traffic. Alexa rank 1

Google is the first search engine because of its Alexa rank and also because,peoples love this search engine because of its smartness.Yes,Google is very smart it can predetermine your queries and find the best result on the top for you.Google never compromise to make Google search engine better that is why Google is the most used search engine all over the world. Alexa rank 4

Yahoo! is the second most visited search engine,which is founded by Jerry Yang and David Filo January 1994.Jerry Yang born in Taiwan and David Filo in US.Yahoo is the top 4th visited website all over the world according to Alexa,so if you’re using Google then you should submit and optimize your blog on Yahoo search engine also. Alexa rank 5

Baidu is on the third many peoples don’t even know about because it is china based search engine.If you want to share your blog post or any product,information with Chinese peoples so make sure your website or blog is optimized for because Alexa rank of is 1 in China. Alexa rank 25

Bing is the 4th most visited search engine which is owned by Microsoft corporation. Alexa rank 34 Alexa rank 37 Alexa rank 157 Alexa rank 360 Alexa rank 812 Alexa rank 1092 Alexa rank 2378 Alexa rank 6219 Alexa rank 7055 Alexa rank 2268 Alexa rank 2270


Here is the list of top 15 search engines on which your blog must be submitted to get organic web traffic if you have more search engine list then share with us on [email protected].

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  1. Thanks Vinayak!!
    This post is really important to one who want traffic and popularity of his/her blog.You provided the best list of search engines with their Alexa ranking and their popularity…thanks again

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