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How to use Quora to Drive website traffic

Use Quora to Drive website traffic

Use Quora to Drive website trafficAre you planning any campaign or want to drive huge traffic to your website or blog?If yes, then it’s good to use Quora to drive website traffic with just a few steps.

Quora is a forum website where thousand of questions asked every day and hundreds of professional as well as the amateur reply the answer.

Just because of quora many bloggers get up to 13k Unique visitors monthly from quora and it is the huge amount of traffic which you shouldn’t miss becauseĀ use Quora to Drive website traffic.Quora received millions of visitors monthly and some of them click on the link so posting your website link in any answer related to your website will be beneficial for bloggers.

use Quora to Drive website traffic

You can see that the answer to this question have 11.5k, more than 61 comments and thousands of views it means thousands of people view this answer.

Quora is a website where you get mostly traffic from Asian countries like India and other middle east countries.American citizen also uses quora, I read some answers of famous politicians of USA.

Tips to use Quora to Drive website traffic

So now you know that how quora can drive traffic to your website.Here are the tips to make it better to get traffic.

#1 Step: Create a Perfect Quora Profile.

You can see that many famous profiles on quora are a perfect fit for their personality and type of content they post on the quora.

To get most of the quora first you have to create a perfect traffic optimized profile.A good bio with avatar will help to attract followers.

BIO:A well-written headline and bio will help to recognize your followers that you’re eligible to answer a question on a specific topic such as I’m able to answer asked related to blogging or search engine optimization so quora only suggest me to answer which are related to the topic.

Profile example 1.Hilary Clinton is also answered the question asked on the internet and take a view the profile on the Hilary Clinton.

Use Quora to Drive website traffic

#2 Step: Identify topics and categories

After creating a perfect profile for your website you have to identify the topics on which you can answer the questions and your website should be related to that topic on which you’re replying.

You don’t have to answer all the question asked on the quora, just select a specific topic such as politics, economics, technology, blogging or search engine optimization.

You can find any question which is related to your website niche, make sure before post answer of any question that you know the answer very well and on quora your answer has to be perfect.

  • The topic should be old and but not too old.
  • Requested by more than 10-20 peoples
  • The question should have high page views.

Use Quora to Drive website traffic

#3 Step: Answer the question and paste links

Once you have successfully created a your and select your topic to answer, it’s time to go for the big names.Do not reply to every question asked, select few them which are shown in the trending list of quora.

You can see that top stories have 214.8k views and trending section of the quora which shows trending topic.

Use Quora to Drive website traffic

#1.Go for long answer in short points.

When you start writing your answer, always keep in mind that readers don’t like answers in paragraphs so make sure you’re writing in points and explain with examples as well as provide the link for additional information.

#2.Use images.

Images are the very important element, images allow readers to understand the answer.Images attract reader that there is something interested related to the answer.

#3.Do not promote, provide information.

New users on quora post their affiliate links and links so that their web pages can promote, but a reader does not like to redirect to any e-commerce website or any link which does not contain genuine information.

So always provide the link for information not for traffic or more sales.

#4.Go Deep

Your answer should be long enough to provide complete information, half cooked food is not good for health, similar half information is not helpful.If you don’t know the complete answer then it good to skip that question and go for another one.

Incomplete answer or answer written in inappropriate language will be locked and no one can see the answer except you.

#4 Step: Quora Statistics

Quora has its own analytics feature which shows your posts stats such as monthly views, upvote, and downvote.It helps to recognize your audience and analyze the effectiveness of your answer.

It also has the option to follow other people, you can follow other famous profile on the quora and other users can also follow you which help to create the network of peoples.

Use Quora to Drive website traffic

Final Words

Here we shared on how to use Quora to Drive website traffic, so the new blogger can drive traffic to the website from quora.All these four steps will help to increase visitors on your website so make sure that you are following all these steps successfully.

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