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How To Increase Battery Life of Laptops

How To Increase Battery Life of Laptops

How To Increase Battery Life of LaptopsWe all faces the problem regarding battery life of laptop and I personally experienced the battery draining problem in Laptop.I have a branded Windows laptop which consumes battery more than anyone else.

We all want to increase the battery life of laptop, brand or operating system doesn’t matter.That kind of application or software is not available on the internet which helps to increase the battery life of a laptop.Without the application, we can’t do too much to increase battery life, but little things can really make the difference.

So, follow these little tips and increase the battery life of your, Chrome Book, MacBook and Windows laptops.

1.Lower Your Brightness Level

Display consume most of the battery so it is very important to save the battery from display brightness.Set the brightness level to the lower level.Not only Brightness, Contrast also consumed the battery, so lower contrast level too.

2.Stop Too much Use of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

We all use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to share our file from one device to other, with the help of Wi-Fi we can use other’s internet connection on our laptop, but do you know Bluetooth and Wi-Fi consumes more battery.So, if the work can be done without using Wi-Fi and BlueTooth then try not to use this feature.

3.Do not Use Screen Saver

Screensaver also consumes battery, so try not to use Screensaver.You can change the setting of Screensaver by opening the display setting.

You can also set the black colored screensaver, Black colored screensaver doesn’t consume too much battery.

4.Unplug External Device

We all connect external devices with the laptop like Pen drives, USB Data Cable, Internet dongle etc.

These external devices run on the electric power of the laptop, So these external devices should unplug after the completed the work.

5.Upgrade Ram

Ram, Random access memory is the computer’s internal memory which store the virtual data or temporary data which comes from the internet.If the laptop doesn’t have a good RAM(According to Storage), then laptops Hard Drive stores virtual memory which results, Hard Drive start consuming battery.

Final Words

There are many tips which help to increase Battery Life of Laptops, but these 5 are the best tips.In the Ending of this post How To Increase Battery Life of Laptops, I can say I have done my work and it depends on you that you’ll follow these tips or not.

14 thoughts on “How To Increase Battery Life of Laptops”

  1. In today time many people use laptops for their work and the major problem they had is the battery life of laptop. All the tips that you mentioned in this post they are very useful. I familiar with some points but also learn new things about this post. Thanks for sharing and keep posting valuable post.

  2. One of the major issue of battery low is brightness and more time consume the internet.In all kind of points it will be covered of low battery issues.Thanks for shared.

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