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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Get Backlinks Indexed Fast

get backlinks indexed fast

get backlinks indexed fastWe all know that creating genuine backlinks are most important in the optimization of the website, but people hardly know that it is also essential to index those backlinks to get the benefits of backlinks.Here we have created a beginners guide which helps you to know how to get backlinks indexed fast.

Without indexing backlinks, a website cannot get the full benefit of the backlinks and that is why it is essential to get backlinks index fast.Indexing new backlinks are not easy as used to be, the process of indexing backlinks is completely changed.

Steps to Get Backlinks Indexed Fast

With these steps, you get to know that how to Get Backlinks Indexed Fast and get the benefit of backlinks.

 1.Directly submit link to google

Do you know that Google fetch is not the only tool which is provided by Google to fetch new and old URL of your website?There is an another tool that can help to index those links which are not related to your website.

Google’s directly submit link tool allows you to submit any URL to request index a particular link, no matter that website is registered on webmasters tool or not.Mostly Google will index the URL in few minutes, sometimes it takes more than that.

get backlinks indexed fast

You just have to go to this link and submit your new URL and complete the ReCaptcha.Once you have complete this you can click on the “Submit Request”.

2.Share on Social Networks

I personally apply this trick, social networks are one of the major website or places where Google search bot find new and valuable content and that is why search bot index those links which have appeared on the social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.

Whenever you share a new link on Twitter or facebook it will be index within few minutes because Google bot trust on the Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks.We personally share our new post on social media before submitting the fetching request.

get backlinks indexed fast


Pinging is the third step that can help you to Get Backlinks Indexed Fast.Pinging your new URL will help to index fast by Google and another search engine.It’s an evergreen technique which always work and help to index new URLs.

What is Pinging service do?They will tell the search engine that a particular blog just recently updated and have new content which is valuable and helpful.There is some free pinging service available on the internet.

  • 24/7 Pinger
  • Ping Farm

get backlinks indexed fast

4.Web 2.0

Web 2.0 website are such as blogger, Squidoo, Hubpages, WordPress etc.These websites are helpful to index your backlink fast, you just have to register on these websites and make an article of 100 or more words.

Include link in the article and publish it.After few minutes you can see that you new post will be index by Google and your backlinks will be index soon.This is an amazing technique of indexing new backlinks because Google love web 2.0 and they are the most popular content sharing sites So you backlinks will get indexed in no time.

get backlinks indexed fast

5.Paid tools

The fifth step is optional but highly recommended.In this step, you have to purchase the subscription of a paid service which forces Google to index your backlinks.Paid tool such as backlinks indexer, one-hour indexing, indexed, linklicious offer you to get backlinks indexed fast.

There are some paid tools available that can help you to index backlinks fast.You just have to send URLs of the pages from which you have got backlinks and you are done.Your backlinks will index fast.

Final Words

So these are the best techniques which can help you to get backlinks indexed fast.I personally follow these steps to index my backlinks and increase the ranking of my website.

Paid tools are optional, but these tools are more powerful than other steps.Only one paid tool enough to get backlinks indexed fast.

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