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FREE WEB HOSTING – Should I Use Free Or Premium Hosting

premium web hosting vs free web hosting

premium web hosting vs free web hostingFree web hosting, this word explain everything about your company or brand.Every brand and company prefer premium web hosting instead of free hosting.We’re going to tell you on should you choose free web hosting or choose a premium hosting plan.

This a topic for debate that many of the users prefer premium hosting plan and few of them prefer free hosting.There are many web hosting providers who provide free and trial hosting packages, but the question is which one is best?
There is not doubt at all that, premium web hosting is the best and over 90% websites are running on the premium web hosting.Free web hosting is also popular, but not too much.

Advantages of Premium Web Hosting

1.Unlimited Storage Space: No limit of storage, this is the well-known feature that over 99% hosting providers allowing their users to upload larger files like videos, music, large photos and others files.

2.Allow any kind of File: Premium web hosting users have permission to upload any kind of files like .gif, .mp3, .mp4.Users are completely unbound to upload any format file accept  .exe.

3.Freedom to use Any web designing software: With premium hosting you can choose your web designing software like if you want to use any CMS like WordPress, Joomla or any other.You’re not bound to use web hosting provider’s owned website creator.

4.A good and Dedicated Customer support: Stuck in a problem-related hosting or domain name?Don’t worry premium web hosting companies hire some eligible and educated employees to solve their customers problem.Premium hosting providers have a good team of engineers who can solve problems within few minutes.

5.Accurate Statistical Report: A premium web hosting providers shows you accurate website statistical data with the deep information like visitors countries, Operating system, the number of visitors per hour and much more.We know that web statistical data plays an important role to increase the popularity of the business, so selecting premium web hosting is good.

Disadvantages of Premium Web Hosting

Find negative points of premium web hosting or reasons affect website is very hard.I don’t think that premium web hosting have any disadvantages because if you want to run a business website then don’t spoil your’s business reputation by saving few bucks.

Advantages of Free Web Hosting

The only advantage of free web hosting service is their cost effectiveness.Free web hosting service is absolutely free, you don’t have to pay to use free hosting.

Free hosting is not always helpful and saving few bucks not only work.Some hosting providers offer you to simply web hosting where you can host your website for free you just have to buy a domain name and some websites provide free sub-domain like,

Disadvantages of Free Web Hosting

1.Limited Storage Space: Storage plays the most important role in designing and running a website.If you’re running a website and want to upload the larger content which breached the limited storage then you can’t upload the larger files.

2.Freedom to use Any web designing software: Free hosting providers doesn’t allow to use third party web designer software or CMS like WordPress.You’re bound to use basic web design software with free web hosting service which leads the lack of professional layout in your website.

3.Limited Bandwidth: Free web hosting services only allow so much bandwidth capacity.Limited Bandwidth slower your’s website speed which is very annoying.

4.Lack of Customer support: In free web hosting you can’t discuss the problem with the customer care.Free web hosting providers doesn’t give the feature to solve the problems you have to fix all the problems.


I recommend premium web hostings because free hosting is not good for business.Premium web hostings have different great features, but free web hosting is like empty glass.

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