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Home » Free High Page rank Backlinks for website SEO

Free High Page rank Backlinks for website SEO

Free High Page rank Backlinks for website SEO
Free High Page rank Backlinks for website SEO

Free High Page rank Backlinks for website SEO

Back links are important element which helps in optimization of your website.Google’s Matt Cutts explain about the importance of links in Optimization of website on Google and others search engines.But the question is how to create back links simply add your do-follow link in other high page rank website.

If you want fast result and don not want to wait for success,you must have to use a black hat technique to increase online customer,visitors and followers.
SEOPROFILER is a tool which completely change use search visibility on internet from last page to first page .SEOProfiler is a premium service which works great without any problem,for more information read features.
  • Website on Google’s first page.

  • Track easily search position of your website.

  • Get high-quality backlinks

  • Helps to find best keyword for your content.

  • Audit your website automatic.

  • Create impressive reports

But if you are not ready to use SEOPROFILER now,then you can create High Page rank Backlinks with these website.Here is top 10 website submission directory.

Free High Page rank Backlinks

1. Google+

Google Page rank of Google plus is 9 out of 10 this is too high and Google plus is owned by Google it means Google definitely rank you website in their search result.Search visibility depends on backlinks of your website and google plus alexa rank is 1.


Twitter is social networking website like google plus,where you can tweet about your latest post,product and review and get online visitors and also create backlinks here.Twitter is founded by Noah Glass, Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams and Biz Stonein March 21, 2006.
Google Page Rank – 9/10
Alexa rank- #11


Reddit is a social,entertainment website where registered member can submit their guest post and links for free means Backlinks.Reddit is a Free website and registration is free you can vote but only if you are registered on Reddit.Reddit is founded by Steve Huffman,Alexis Ohanian in June 2005.
Google Page Rank – 8/10
Alexa Rank – #63


About me is a website where you can submit information about you online and use as for your website or blog about us is co-founded by Ryan Freitas,Tim Young and Tony Conrad  in October 2009.
Google Page rank – 7/10
Alexa Rank – #1454


Digg is like online news paper,here you can find latest news about word in just one click.Here you can also submit your post link easily just signup here and share about your website or post.Digg is founded in July 31, 2012 by Jay Adelson and Kevin Rose.
Google Page Rank – 7/10
Alexa Rank – #489


Facebook is a social networking website,where you can create a free account and chat with friends and you also can share your websites with your friends online,millions of people using Facebook daily.You can create a website page on Facebook and share about your product and content,millions of people using Facebook that is why Facebook is the largest directory and a great place where you can get traffic direct to your website for free.
Faceboko is founded by Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz, Andrew McCollum and Chris Hughes in February 4, 2004.
Estimated Monthly visitors – 1.23 billion.Google Page Rank – 9
Alexa Rank – #2


Technorati is a search engine for blogs,here you can find blogs which is related to your search or submit your blog to Technorati which helps to generate great amount of traffic directly to your blog.
Technorati is founded in November 2002 by Dave Sifry,Technorati was indexing 112.8 million blogs and over 250 million pieces of tagged social media.
Google Page Rank – 7/10
Alexa Rank – #2074

Dmoz(Open Directory Project) is a directory of blogs and website,where you can submit your blog and website for free.Dmoz is owned by AOL and maintain by volunteer editors.It was founded by Rich Skrenta and Bob Truel in 1998.
Google Page Rank – 7/10
Alexa Rank – #845


Submit express is a a high pr website submission directory where you can submit you blog and website content to hundreds of search engine for free in just one click,it is the easiest way to creating backlinks and tell about your content to search engines.
Google Page Rank – 7/10
Alexa Rank – #5997


Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia which knows everything about which is on internet or not.You can submit information about your website or blog here for free,Millions of people visit Wikipedia daily and it has high page rank.Wikipedia is founded in January 15, 2001 by Michael Snow.
Google Page Rank – 8/10
Alexa Rank – #6
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