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10 SEO mistakes which affect your site Ranking


10 SEO MISTAKES WHICH AFFECT YOUR SITE RANKINGSEO, Search Engine optimization is a must process for all websites.You can hire an SEO to optimize your website professionally, but if you don’t want to hire SEO for optimization of your website then read some basic tips of SEO.

SEO is a sharp edge process which means your one SEO mistake can put your blog out of the search result.Working hard is not enough to optimize your website you have to work smart and focus on your blog’s ranking.

Most of the blogger SEO mistakes while performing SEO process, these simple mistakes will hurt your blog’s ranking and SEO very badly.So, read what minor mistakes which affect your site Ranking.

1.Not taking social media seriously

Social Media is the best source of traffic, don’t know why?Don’t worry we will tell you why Social media engagement is important for your blog or why it’s the one of the best source of web traffic.

Social media is a great platform for every blogger to become famous.If you’re a new blogger and your blog contains massive, amazing and valuable content then folks surely visit your blog by clicking the shared post link.

Search engines is also taking data from social networks, suppose recently you published a post on your blog and you want to index your new post URL fast as possible, so you have to submit your blog post on the different and famous social networks.So share a blog post on social networks more and more.

2.Create Genuine Backlinks

Backlinking play very crucial role in SEO of your blog.Anchor links point your website so search bot can calculate your blog’s popularity from external do follow and no follow the link.

Most of the bloggers are still using old techniques to create backlinks and most popular is buying backlinks, but now Google updates are looking for those blogs which are creating backlinks with insane speed.

You have to change your backlink strategy and adopt the latest one like create social networks profile.Add others link on your blog ans request to tell their visitors about a blog post in the post section.I’m not taking to link exchange, you must need to request to get backlink without paying.

3. Approve spam comments

Do you know most of the comments you get on your blog posts are commented by spammers?Every blog’s get hundreds of comments daily, this blog also gets thousands of comment daily and it’s very hard to find the real ones.

New bloggers accept those spam comments to show the popularity of website or blog, but search engines know everything about your blog and about your blog’s comments.

It’s better to approve less comment instead of approve more spam comments.

4.Too much Internal linking

Internal linking helps to improve website optimization and also improve page view, but too much internal linking leads to negative affect on your website.

Google allow maximum 100 links on a page but avoid to add more internal links on a page 10-20 links on a page is very good, so no need to add too much external and internal link on a page.

5.Bounce Rate of Your blog

Bounce rate is very easy to understand, but it’s hard to fix the bounce rate issue on your blog.Bounce rate is meant when people leave your blog without reading the article.

Bounce rate allows search bots to identify that you blog contains interesting content or not.If your blog has a 100% bounce rate, it means peoples leave your blog without reading your blog post.A blog must need to have a bounce rate minimum less than 70%.

6.GEO location targetting

Never select GEO targetting on your blog or for a website, you’ll not getting global traffic.GEO location targetting is a feature in Google search console(Webmasters Tools) which target a specific country and optimize your blog or website in a specific country.If you have a website which contains content related to a specific country and you don’t need other countries visitors, then you can use GEO targetting.

7.Absence of Rich Snippets in Blog Layout

Rich Snippets (schema) helps search bot to understand what type of content you blog or website have.

Rich Snippets add item scope tags and show your content like product reviews, movie reviews.

8.Not Updating Blog content

Search engine bots always look for new and latest content, if you’re not updating your blog’s content regularly then you’re doing the big mistake.You should update your blog content regularly to increasing the crawl rate of your blog’s URL.

9.You have not registered on other Search engines

There is No doubt that Google is the best search engine and almost 70% – 80% traffic is driven by Google, but Yahoo and bing also after the Google, so you should also optimize your website or blog for Bing and Yahoo search engine.

Optimization on Google is not easy, but optimization on Bing and yahoo is very simple.

10.Slow Page Speed

Page speed always matters because Search bot shows fast loading speed website on the top in the search result.
Optimizing page loading speed is not tough you just have to remove unwanted elements from your page.Delete unwanted scripts and style sheets.

Final Words

I personally face the SEO negative effect because of these mistakes, so fix these issues on your website as soon as possible.

3 thoughts on “10 SEO mistakes which affect your site Ranking”

  1. Hi Vinayak,
    You have discussed the issues that are much useful for the SEO.These very common mistakes but many people do not focus on these issues, especially the newbie bloggers. And of course, there is no alternative way to get high rank on Google. Thank you.

  2. Hello
    Thanks for sharing your insights!
    Indeed, the SEO mistakes you’ve mentioned above were really important and it is a great help to have these ideas so that we can be able to have our website produce successful results.

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