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How to Check Who Unfollowed Me on Instagram?

If you’re a social media influencer then losing your Instagram Followers will definitely hurt you and your ego, in this situation finding “who unfollowed me on Instagram” is essential to figure out the reason that why your followers unfollowed you on Instagram.

Your followers may not be liking your posts or maybe they’re not happy with anything, but to become successful you have to look for the who unfollowed you on Instagram.

If you’re wondering that how to check Instagram unfollowers then you can use multiple apps to know who unfollowed you on Instagram, then this post is a must read for you.

Tools and Apps To know who unfollowed me on Instagram

There are multiple tools available on the internet which can help you to check Instagram unfollowers instantly without spending too much of time and energy.

1.FollowMeter for Instagram

FollowMeter for Instagram is an allrounder “unfollowers for the Instagram app” for Android and IOS devices. This app not only helps to know who unfollowed you on Instagram but also provide you deep insights into your Instagram account.

Its powerful analytics provides you follower growth and manage your account effectively and their insight includes followed, unfollowed, followers who did not follow you back and many other details.

Most of the basic features you can use in its free version, but you have to deal with the ads showing while you use this app.


  • Unfollowers
  • Non-Followers (Who Did not Follow you Back)
  • Secret Admirers.
  • Ghost followers(Spam and Bots)
  • Top likers


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How to check Instagram unfollowers Using FollowMeter

To begin with FollowMeter you have to follow a few steps. In this small tutorial, you’ll get basic knowledge step-by-step.

1st Step: After installing this app, you have to sign in to your Instagram profile using FollowMeter app. You can also use your Facebook ID to log in.


2nd Step: Once you successfully log in to your Instagram account, now the app will scan all your Instagram data like Unfollowers, new followers, not following back users, Ghost followers, and others.


You can tap on refresh to check recent changes in the followers and unfollowers. Now you after refresh you can check whether you lose followers or gain new followers.


2. Follow Cop

With over 1 Million downloads “Follow Cop” is the second best Instagram tool of this list which can be used to find unfollowers on Instagram. Unlike most of the tools, providing unfollowers details is not the only feature you’ll get with Follow Cop.

It is a complete Instagram tool that can grow your followers, you can check who followed you, people who are not following you back. Since you can check only recent unfollowers so you have to look for the unfollowers regularly.

If you’re an Android phone user then you must try to Follow cop app it will definitely work better to manage your Instagram app, but IOS can’t use it on their device.


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3.Nomesigue For Instagram

Nomesigue is a Social media management tool for Instagram and Twitter using which you can check Instagram unfollowers easily. It is a free cum premium tool which you can use to manage your Instagram profile directly from its dashboard.

In free trial, you can use this tool for 30 days in which you can link maximum 2 accounts and it only shows you maximum 20 whitelists profile and blacklists profiles.

To know more about the pricing details of its premium tool you can click here. Pricing Details

Premium Features

  • Use without limits
  • Whitelist / Blacklist
  • Unfollows Pendientes
  • Hide already following
  • Unfollowers & New followers
  • Remove “via” in Auto DMs
  • Add team.



4.Reports+ Followers

Reports+ followers is another best tools to track your Instagram followers and find out who unfollowed you on Instagram. It also allows you to look who is not following you back and it detect blockers. You can also view your fans and you can rank your best friends and followers by using this tool.

This app claims to provide the most accurate data related to followers of Instagram. This app has a number of features which offer you more possibilities to know you’re about followers.


  • Account Analytics
  • Track Followers Gain/Loss
  • Track Post Performance
  • Track Engagement
  • Engage with your fans
  • Optimize and Schedule your Posts


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For Who These Tools are Beneficial?

So, these are the best tools which can help you to find Instagram unfollowers. Some of them offer their services for free and some of them are fully paid.

If you’re a social influencer then the premium tool will help you more and provide you a more Instagram insight which directly increases your followers and makes you more famous on Instagram.

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