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Buying or Selling Backlinks is good for SEO

Buying or Selling Backlinks is good for SEO

I read many questions about ‘is Buying or Selling Backlinks is good for SEO‘ on many forums like yahoo!,warrior forum.Every blogger wants to become a successful blogger.Page rank of a blog play an important role in SEO and popularity of any website or blog and Page rank increases after getting thousands of Do-follow backlinks.

Buying or Selling Backlinks is good for SEO

Buying or Selling Backlinks is good for SEO

So many bloggers who do not have patience decide for buying backlinks to get higher in the search result,but every blogger should always keep in mind that Google never allows paid links and do not Tolerate violation of any Google policy.If you are selling or buying backlinks then Google will surely Block your website and listed as a spam website.

I clear that Buying or selling backlinks are not good for SEO because when you try to increase page rank with paid link you get no more traffic due to violation of Google policies.Google panda and Google penguin listed your website as a spam and block your website.

Experts overview about Paid backlinks:

Matt Cutts

1.Advertisements are not manipulating search engine. It’s used for only delivering the traffic for your website with following Google guidelines like adding nofollow attributes that is not passing the Pagerank of the webpage.

2.Paying Links are manipulating the search engines by not following the quality guidelines it’s giving not relevant and wreckful information that manipulating search engines. And that makes worst user experience for the internet searchers.

Why do Paid links violate google webmaster policies

Google considers in Link schema that “if your website or blog get backlinks quickly” it means your website uses paid links.High quality backlinks will create your blog a standard blog but cheap and paid links will spoil your blog reputation and you lose your blog traffic.Mat Cutts consider in this video that backlinks are important for Page rank but if your blog has high quality backlinks which are created by white hat techniques.

Google listed paid links in black hat techniques,for more information about black hat search engine rank create a topic on black hat techniques you should read this article.

Why paid links when you can create High backlinks for free with some efforts

I have some tricks,with these tricks you can create quality backlinks for your website all tips,tricks and methods are white hat,we are sharing information which doesn’t harm your website rank and reputation.

Read This posts carefully.

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  1. Good and informative post. I think most of the people having confusion about “Buying or Selling Backlinks” and for those people you. Your post was very helpful for those people who had confuse between buying or Selling backlinks are good or bad.

    Did a good job and keep posting.

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