Mistake You Done When Using Facebook

The Biggest Mistake you done when using Facebook for marketing

Everyone know that Facebook is not just a social network website where you can chat or read the news feed of celebrity or your crush.Yes, I’m right most of the bloggers and market researcher don’t take Facebook seriously for their business and product awareness.

As we know that Facebook is a place where you can share your product and easily drive genuine customers to your website and can make sales, but this is not as simple as it looks.

The basic mistake most people make using Facebook to market is making Facebook their primary marketing channel and in this article, we are going to discuss some Biggest Mistake you done when using Facebook for marketing.

Biggest Mistake you done when using Facebook a Marketing tool

There are so many mistakes being made when using Facebook for marketing. Here are some them Mistakes you done when using Facebook as a Marketing tool.

1.Page Not Claimed

The first biggest mistake you done when using Facebook for marketing is not claiming your business Facebook page.Do you know there are literally millions of Unclaimed Facebook Business Pages?According to a survey, most of the small business owner don’t know that you can claim your Facebook Page.

Claiming your Facebook page is beneficial for your business and some of the benefits are following.

  1. You’ll able to edit business information.
  2. You can Manage Reviews.
  3. You can send Direct Messages.
  4. You can see your Page Analytics.
  5. You’ll able to use Facebook Pages App.

Read 6 Benefits of Claiming your Facebook Page

Solution: Read the full tutorial of Claiming your Facebook Page

2.Using the same and copied Images

Sharing funny and informative stuff with the followers is too common for business pages and You share Images, memes & Gifs to attract more peoples of social media, but followers ignore those photos which are thousands time shared on the internet.

Sharing same Gifs, memes doesn’t make your followers happy.The best way to attract your followers is to provide new and fresh memes on your Facebook page.Now the main question is where you can find the new memes and other stuff.


The best way to find the fresh memes from Reddit.Reddit is a website where thousands of people continuously upload new and fresh funny content.

>> Fresh Memes on Reddit <<

If you’re a creative facebook marketer or manage your page then you can create your own memes with these memes generator.

  1. Imgflip
  2. Makeameme.org
  3. Memecreator.org
  4. Imagechef.com


The top reason people unfollow a Facebook page is that the business posts too much.This is very annoying when your follower sees the post in news feed related to the business.Give them reasons to love not to hate your page.Post funny stuff like videos, gifs & images and post 2-3 times business related post on your Facebook page.

You can also share a business related post in a day when your most of the followers are active.This will help you to attract more people and help in increasing sales.

4.Not Posting Enough

Suppose you’re hungry and want to purchase something to eat like Pizza, burger or full meal, which restaurant you choose to call for the deliver the food to your place?

Mostly restaurant’s official Facebook page update to their followers and customer about the offers and today’s special which help to increase sales.Posting regularly on Facebook helps to keep in mind about the restaurant or food place whenever followers get hungry.

5.Inappropriate use of hashtags

Another biggest mistake you done when using Facebook for marketing is the inappropriate use of hashtags.Remember Facebook isn’t Twitter or Instagram where you can write what you want with Hashtags.

Twitter and Instagram are made for the hashtags, but when you use hashtags on Facebook it looks bad and will actually hurt reach if used improperly, so using hashtags properly is important.

Try not to use too long hashtags such as #ihaveabrainbutyouarefool or #somepeopleknownothingbutactliketheyknoweverything.These long hashtags prove that you’re doing wrong with your Facebook page.

Mistake You Done When Using Facebook

Image Credit: Mashable

6.Purchasing Followers and likes

It is really really bad for your social network reputation to purchase the followers or likes of your page.If you think that more people attracted to a page which get too many likes and has thousands of followers then you’re wrong.

In the starting, people start following, but the followers you’ll purchase is not worthy for your business.It is better to invest your money in the Facebook ads.

Facebook ads will promote your Facebook page to the relevant customers and the page ads will show those people who a have similar interest related to your Facebook page.Start advertising your page with Facebook is not too costly, you can start advertising campaign within less amount and will get more in return.

7.Ignoring User Comments

Anyone who thinks that social media is like old time TV and Radio is doing it all wrong. You have to interact with users and respond when they ask a question or add a comment that merits a response — in their eyes, not yours.

I have lost count of the times I have posted a question and had no response. If you can only afford to maintain 9–5 service make sure that this is clear, but in working hours there is no excuse for not posting timely replies.

8.Losing patience due to slow growth

Most people are impatient and just try to buy the traffic, but they often find diminishing returns from that.You have done everything right, but you have to give some time to your Facebook page so you can earn thousands of loyal followers.

Everything takes time and you just have to do your work continuously without spending money on the not worthy methods.



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