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Best Website Monitoring Services and Tools to Monitor Your Site’s Uptime

Do you know website downtime means loss of revenue, everytime your website failed to open due to a technical issue you loose your customers?All website uptime claims are just a way of attracting customers which was mentioned by the hosting providers, but most of them are not true and it becomes necessary to monitor your website uptime continuously.

You can’t sit staring at your monitor 24 hours a day to keep an eye on your website(s), so thank the heavens for the free services out there that do it for you.In this article, we are going to share the list of best website monitoring services and tools which can be used to monitor your website’s uptime every time.

Best Website Monitoring Service and Tools

Siteuptime is one of the best Website monitoring services which you can use either for free or can do more with its premium plan.Siteuptime monitors your website downtime on the regular interval and notifies your whenever it faces the downtime on your website.With the free plan, you can only monitor your 1 website with 30 and 60 minutes monitoring intervals.

This is an easy way to monitor your website’s downtime without spending your hardly earned money. This service might be the right choice for complete newbies who have never dealt with the matters of monitoring sites because Siteuptime service is very easy to use and it does not require any additional knowledge.

Website Monitoring Service

2.Uptime Robot

Uptime Robot is an another giant of website monitoring services.Uptime Robot let you monitor your website’s uptime for free with its free plan.With uptime robot, you can monitors your website from a different location and the primary checks are made from Dallas, USA and you get notified whenever your website go down.

The free plan allows you to monitors 50 site (i.e. 50 monitor tasks) which is too much for a free plan with just 5 minutes of the interval that allows you to check your website performance every 5 minutes.This service is close to the premium service in which you’ll get the similar plan on other websites.

Website Monitoring Service


We can say that pingdom is the boss of this sector and many major web sites use pingdom as a primary website monitoring service.Pingdom is a premium Website monitoring service which is specially built for the major business website, but with just $11.95 per month, you can use this Website monitoring service for your website too.

Before purchasing the premium plan you can start free 14 days trial.This tool doesn’t only help you to monitor your website uptime, but you can also monitor performance and speed.You can choose to monitor your website from different locations.

Website Monitoring Service

4.Internet Seer

If you’re looking for a free alternative website monitoring services then Internet seer is a perfect tool for you.Internet seer allows you to monitor your website uptime for free and you will notify by emails and SMS whenever your website goes down.

If you’re not satisfied with the free plan you can switch to the premium to get more features like hacker checker, broken link checker.

Internet Seer monitors your website uptime every 60 minutes interval and you are allowed to register with 1 website only.

Website Monitoring Service

5.Are my sites up

Are my sites up is an another popular website which is used to monitor website’s uptime and downtime.This is a premium website monitoring service, you can use many features includes they will tell you why your site is down by providing the error code it returned.

It shows the graphical representation about your website’s uptime and downtime which helps to understand your website’s performance efficiently.With the starting plan, you can monitor 25 websites with 15 minutes interval.This tool sends a notification whenever your website goes down through SMS and emails.

Website Monitoring Service


Site24x7 is an another premium website monitoring service.This is one of the major websites which lets you monitor your website uptime.It is a powerful tool that provides a website, network, server, and application monitoring. Like with Pingdom, Site 24×7 uses real user monitoring to deliver user feedback.The basic plan start from $5/mo including 5 monitors, 1-minute monitoring intervals, 20 SMS credits.

Site24x7 also provides mobile access so that you can monitor your site or application from anywhere. One benefit Site24x7 has over Pingdom is that it’s available in a variety of languages, including Chinese, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Spanish, and Swedish, making it ideal for users across the globe.

Website Monitoring Service


Monstastic is the last website monitoring service of this list, so if you have not found the perfect tool yet then use this tool once.Though it’s pretty basic, it is helpful for individuals and smaller businesses who are simply looking to be alerted when their site goes down.

Montastic will email you both when your site goes down and when it comes back up. You’ll also be able to see keyword presence or absence verification on a web page; it gives support for any port number; and it features widgets for Mac, Windows, and Android.

This tool checks in on your site every 30 minutes, which isn’t necessarily great compared to the five-minute intervals offered by other free services, but you can upgrade to get more frequent intervals and URLs to monitor.

Website Monitoring Service

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