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10+ Online SSL Testing Tools To Check SSL is Installed Properly or not

Verification and testing of SSL certificate are necessary to ensure that SSL is installed and working properly on the website. Using the testing tools such as these SSL testing tools should help to check for errors and glitches that may occur on your website when users visit the site,

In this post, we’ve shared the 10+ Online SSL testing tools which can help you to test the vulnerability & misconfiguration of SSL.

10 Best Online SSL testing tools

1. How’s My SSL

How’s My SSL is a premium SSL Testing Tool, it tells you how secure your TLS client is.TLS clients just like the browser you’re reading this with. It scans the client and gives you a status report on various checks such as supported protocol version, compression, session ticker support, and cipher supported.

How’s My SSL subscriptions plans start from $79/month and goes to $1,095/month.

SSL testing tool

2.DigiCert SSL Installation Diagnostics Tool

It is a free tool to check whether your SSL is performing well on your website. If you are having a problem with your SSL certificate installation, then you can use this tool to locate the problem and verify your SSL Certificate installation.

SSL testing tool

3.SSL Scanner

SSL Scanner is another free SSL testing Tool which analysis website security and create a report about the performance of the SSL on your website. It shows how your certificate stands in Google, and the best part of this tool is that it is completely free without any limitations.

The decoder tool allows you to look into the more deeper issues that might be holding back your site traffic.

SSL testing tool


Wormly provides you the status of your SSL certificate by analyzing more than 65 metrics each including overall scores. It shows the Certificate Overview, Security like encryption ciphers, protocols, and performance related report. Using this tool is free, you can use this tool for free on your unlimited websites.

SSL testing tool

5.SSL Labs

SSL labs are one of the best tools for checking your site certificate validity. It performs a deep analysis of the configuration of any SSL web server on the public Internet. It also checks all of the latest potential vulnerabilities and misconfigurations that you might have on your site. It is an automatic checker, and all you have to do is insert your full domain name in the text box, and it will render results in seconds.

SSL testing tool

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