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How To Uninstall iMessage From A Mac Computer

Delete iMessage

Uninstalling iMessage from Mac computers is something that so many consider at the moment because of the different problems that appeared in the system. You need to be careful though and learn various important things about the subject. iMessage is currently used by millions of Apple computer users from literally all around the world. The instant message app is also automatically included in OS X.

Delete iMessage

The big problem with iMessage at the moment is that it no longer functions properly. People want to remove it because of cloud and sync related problems. Most just want to use another app that they would use for messaging purposes.

When you try to remove an app that ships with OS X, you will have some problems. It is not that easy to remove the program. Obviously, you can do this the old fashioned way but you would end up with all the messages and account details still stored on the MAC computer. After the iCloud hacking problem last year, people do not take risks anymore.
If you want to completely remove iMessage from the MAC computer, you will need to install a program like Movavi’s Mac Cleaner. You can find out how it works in removing the iMessage app right here: Complete tutorial on how to delete iMessage

In short, using this software is incredibly simple. You just have to install it on the Mac computer. Then, we recommend that you let it analyze the computer because that may bring up some problems you do not know that much about. Then, in order to actually remove iMessage, you will have to use the Uninstaller feature.

Let Uninstaller check all the apps that are installed on your computer. Then, select iMessage from the list that appears. All that you have to do after clicking on it is to press Remove. Wait for the program to completely remove iMessage.

Since you are in this tool of the program, do arrange the apps by name and then look at absolutely all the programs that are installed and that you never used or simply do not need. Remove them too. In many cases, even when the Mac computer is new, it is possible to save around 3 GB of HDD space, which is definitely something that will help you out. Use the other features to better protect the computer on the long run and you will surely end up falling in love with what Mac Cleaner is capable of doing.

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