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How to secure your gmail account from hacking

How to secure your gmail account from hacking

How to secure your gmail account from hackingRecently one of my friend’s younger sibling ask me for my Gmail ID and he said I’ll change your accounts password easily without knowing your Password of Google accounts.After 2-3 hours, I received an Email on my alternative Gmail that Password of my Gmail account H*******[email protected] password has been successfully changed.

I was shocked that how is that possible?Is that possible that an 8th standard kid can change my gmail account password.

I know it’s easy to revert a Google account password by knowing small things that last login date, when we created the Google account and others.So I decided to share how I secure my Google account after that incident.

I’m not talking about hackers, but kids, teens and other who know how to play the revert game with Google IDs.

How to secure your gmail account from hacking

We’re going to share the 5 step which make your ordinary Google account into a secure Google account, you just have to follow these steps and no one can hack your Google account.

1.Change your password

If you’re curious about your Google account then you should change your Google account password after every 1 or 2 months.It decreases the chances to get hacked by cracking the password.

most of the time that is why it’s recommended to change your password frequently which make impossible to guess your password by hackers.

How to secure your gmail account from hacking

2.Never Write Your Email As in the form of Text

Do you know it’s easy to guess the password and revert the Google account, but it’s impossible to guess or find the username or email Id.It is strongly recommended not to paste your email on untrusted websites, forums, on your blog’s contact address or on social networking sites.Hackers can easily revert your Google account if they know your Gmail Id.

3.Creating a Strong password

The Strong password always helps to make your account secure, but mostly peoples set the easy passwords like 123456@, 123456, QWERTY, PassWord, Dominos etc.These passwords are easy to crack by hackers, so you have to choose the strong password instead of this simple words.

A strong password created from different upper ad lower case and which is looked like random for hackers, but you know what you set as password.You don’t need to have too much knowledge of creating strong password you can easily read the tutorial on how to create a strong password.

4.Enable 2-Step Verification

2 step verification is a feature which is provided by Google Security team.With 2 step verification you can make your Google account 90% secure because no one can login into your Google account without knowing your confirmation code which you’ll receive on your phone whenever anyone login into your account from untrusted or new devices

2 Step verifications work similar to mobile confirmation code.You can enable the 2 Step verification from Google account page or your can read the full tutorial on how to enable 2 Step verification.

How to secure your gmail account from hacking

5.Limit the apps that have access to your personal information.

Whenever you login any website which enabled the option of login through Google or any other social network don’t allow to access to your personal information and avoid much you can not to login in any other website with your Google account this may be the reason to steal your personal information.


3 thoughts on “How to secure your gmail account from hacking”

  1. I’m not using a strong password, but I have setup two steps verification and it helps to protect my Gmail account from others. Indeed, I’m using a very easy guest password, but with the two steps secure method, no one can access to my Gmail account without my phone.
    Alize Camp recently posted…Google DocsMy Profile

  2. Hi Dear,

    It’s really very dangerous situation. We take care about our password. because We have lots of personal things in our gmail account. SO this post is really very helpful for all of us. We should urgently change our password or secure our account.

    Thanks dear for sharing such great tips with us.
    Areesha Noor!
    Areesha Noor recently posted…Happy New Year Wishes for Facebook StatusMy Profile

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