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Taboola and Outbrain alternatives for smaller blogs

Taboola and Outbrain alternatives for smaller blog

Looking for Taboola and Outbrain alternatives for smaller blogs?Taboola and Outbrain are very famous native advertisement ads publishers and almost every major site are using Taboola and Outbrain ads to monetize blogs and websites.

Taboola and outbrain pays a good amount on the basis pf high CPM and CPC, but it is not easy to get accepted on these two giants ads publishers.

If you’re new to native advertisements then read this article on what it Native ads and list of best native ads publishers.

Taboola doesn’t accept blog and websites with less traffic and to get accepted on Taboola, your blog must need to get minimum 1 Million monthly page views and if we come to outbrain requirements, the same story is here in outbrain.

Get accepted on Outbrain is 10 times difficult than Taboola, because outbrain accept blogs with minimum 10 million page views monthly.

We have a list of native ads which accept small blogs with less traffic, but it doesn’t mean they’ll paid your less payment.

[table id=16 /] (Link)

Share through could be a good publisher for smaller website and blogs, with share through blogger can monetize their blog with Native ads by showing ads or sponsored posts in the related post widget.

Share through have a 52524 Alexa rank (Date of Article Publish), this is a growing native ads publishers blogger should apply to share through. (Link)

Ayboll the best native ads publisher for new and growing blogs, I personally used Ayboll and I can say that this is one of the best alternatives of Taboola ans Outbrain for smaller blogs.

To get accepted on Ayboll is very easy, visit the, register with Ayboll and you’re done.It is very simple to get accept on Ayboll you should have only a blog.

Ayboll ads are not only for general bloggers, if you have site or blog only for adults then you can also use Ayboll on your blog. (Link)

Native ads got 3rd place in this list because native ads rejected my blog saying that, we’re sorry your blog doesn’t meet with our guidelines.So I don’t think so that Native ads really gonna accept low traffic blogs and growing Alexa rank is 54702(On Date of Article Publish).

Minimum requirements for are not disclosed, but a good layout and good traffic will help to approved your blog. (Link) is same as like, it pays on the basis of  CPMs and display only high-quality content on your blog which attracts more visitors.

To get accept on is easy as and its Alexa rank is 99200. (Link) is the new native ads publisher with the Alexa rank 213863.To get accepted on is easy and no minimum requirements are needed to apply in (Link) is a partner with or we can say that is presented by

Final Words

All these 6 Taboola and Outbrain alternatives are very useful for smaller blogs, but I recommend to use Ayboll and is used by me and Sharethrough is very famous, so apply first on both and Ayboll.

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