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Why Your Blog is not Getting Enough traffic and readers?

not Getting Enough traffic

Have you thought about that why your blog is not getting enough traffic even after consistently giving your 100% to your blog?We have an answer that why your blog is not getting enough traffic and you’ll learn here how to fix this problem.In this article, we are going to share with you the reasons why no one is reading your blog.

If you’re feeling rejected trust me, you’re not the only one to struggle! There are several common mistakes that newbie bloggers make. Read on to discover why your blog is not getting enough traffic and readers and how to fix these issues.

1.You’re not writing for Humans Just for Bots

The first mistake which down your blog readers is that you’re not writing article and tutorial for the humans but for bots.Bots help your website to show in the top but without an audience your blog is nothing.Try to write articles for readers, includes points because no one read the paragraph.

Write tutorials that are clear, organized, and leave little room for questions.Create the deep tutorial and include everything related to the topic.The deep knowledge will not only help to gain more readers but also make your website more search bot friendly.

not Getting Enough traffic

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2.You’re not Consistent with blogging

Stop wasting your time and start working on your blog daily 2-3 hours.To create a strong audience of your blog you have to post article consistently, you can’t afford to go silent after creating a great post.It’s not about just posting on your blog, you should reply the comments too.

The reply on the comments shows how serious are you about your readers.Answer the questions quickly and reply to the emails too.This will help to build an audience for a blog.It’s much easier to connect with someone who is consistently present, so send newsletter and promotional offer to your subscribers.

not Getting Enough traffic

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3.Design, layout, and Elements are not attractive

This is one of the main reason that readers do not choose your blog to read the articles.No one visits ugly websites and that’s why it is essential to building a website of the beautiful layout.Not just layout but different elements such as background color of your websites, images, icons, width and others are much important.

Background color should not have too bright color and not so dull.Create your blog layout with elegant design and colors.Use high-quality images within your posts, most of the bloggers do not use photos to explain things with articles which make reading boring.

not Getting Enough traffic

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4.Focus On Single Niche Instead of Multi Niche

What most of the blogger did is they start sharing things on their without focusing on a niche.Yes, multi-niche blogger earns well, but not more than niche bloggers.You have a lot of interests, but you can not write about everything on a single blog.You should create a niche blog where you can share all the details, information, articles, tutorial related to the single topic.

A niche blog receives targeted traffic and it became easy for advertisement agency to sell product on your website.This will not just help to boost earning through the blog, but also help to build the audience for your blog.

not Getting Enough traffic

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5.Use Social Media Brahmastra

Creating a useful article is not enough to drive traffic to your blog.You need to use social media to grow your blog traffic and get more exposure.By using social media doesn’t mean just sharing your blog posts.Social media is absolutely huge for growing a blog.A lot of people think that you can just publish blog posts and the followers will come.

You have to work smart on your social networks pages.Create official pages of your blog on Facebook, Twitter and on their social networks.After that try to attract more users by following other pages so you can create mutual connections.Use others social networks tools like Buffer.

These tools help to schedule your social media posts when you’re not near or do not have time to use the social network.

not Getting Enough traffic

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