Free Internet to Access Facebook and Google in India

Free Internet to Access Facebook and Google in India
Free Internet to Access Facebook and Google in India

Free Internet to Access Facebook and Google in India With’s App

Mark Zuckerberg founder of Facebook is working on a new project on which provides free internet in India.According to major news channel Mark decided to expand internet service in India’s rural areas to which helps in development of country India.

On his first  visit to India,Mark met Indian telecom minister Ravi Shankar Prasad and discuss to expanding their new project in India.Mark answer all the question which was asked by India Media.

India is the second highest in the list to use Facebook,more then 2 crore users are Indian that is why Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg is looking to launch a new free Internet Service in India with the help of’s App.

What You can Do with this App?

With’s App you can access Facebook,Google Light Search,search jobs,weather forecast,Wikipedia and other websites.Mark already launch this service in Zambia.

According to product manager of Guy Rosen, provide only limited website which is listed in’s app,to access rest of the websites user must pay for data.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants to promote and expand  Internet technology in India which directly helps to increase skill and knowledge of every child,Teenager.After meeting to Indian PM Narendra Modi,Mark Zuckerberg is planning to launch in India which provide free basic Internet Access,like for education,medical,news and much more.

Facebook founder said that,every one must need to access basic internet to increase knowledge,the main target of Modi and mark is to expand free basic internet service in India’s rural areas where internet access is not possible through wi-fi or LAN.

More Countries are coming Soon

Mark Zuckerberg already launched in Zambia and planning to launch in India and in other countries.

In an Interview Mark Said.


I know PM Modi has launched Digital India Initiative and we’re very excited About it.I will spend a lot of my time with him listening and learning about what we can do to help.

India’s next generation has the opportunity to bring India to the world and the world to India.

 -Mark Zuckerberg


Mark Zuckerberg wants to connect all over world to Internet,because world’s 2.7 Billion peoples uses internet but 2/3 of the world do not access intenet that is why Mark planning to launch in all over the world.


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