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Peepso Review: The Best Alternate To BuddyPress For WordPress Users


We always prefer to use BuddyPress plugin whenever we plan to create a community website or social networking website on WordPress platform.But after knowing about the Peepso WordPress plugin, you’ll never think about the BuddyPress anymore.

Creating social networking website on WordPress platform wasn’t easy, but BuddyPress made this task possible in an easy way.Following seven years of for all intents and purposes unchallenged strength among WordPress long range interpersonal communication modules, BuddyPress has another contender.

So let’s take a look and know more about Peepso WordPress plugin.

Introduction to Peepso WordPress Plugin

Peepso is the next generation social networking plugin for WordPress.It is a high-quality community plugin which has amazing features that help to create an elegant and fully functional social networking website.

The core plugin is free of cost which anyone can download from the website to start building their social networking website.PeepSo is a super-light, free, social network plugin for WordPress that allows you to quickly and effortlessly add a social network or an online community, similar to Facebook right inside your WordPress site.


So if you’re using PeepSo then you don’t have to hire developers to design your social networking website.It works right out of the box and within seconds, you can start a social network, right inside your WordPress site.

What Can You Do With Peepso WordPress Plugin?

Peepso comes with many features some of them are essential to creating a social networking website.So the main question is that what actually you can do or what functionality you add to your website using Peepso.

1.The basic Functions

The foundations plugins which include different plugins which add basic functionality to your website which every social networking website needed.PeepSo Foundation consists of 4 absolutely FREE plugins the core, locations, tags, and moods.

Peepso Core

This plugin is the core of PeepSo. Its activity stream and profile pages will enable you to start building Your Community.This plugin enabled the users to share their Posts with different privacy settings and users can upload profile photos and cover photos just like Facebook.You can read more about Peepso core plugin here.

Location Plugin

The second plugin adds a feature of sharing location in status and in your profile.No matter you’re traveling for fun or working on the road, checking in to a location is a great way to show others in your community where you are and what you’re doing.

This free and light plugin allows members to select a location around them. A link to the location is then added to the stream and opens a map in a small window.


You’re happy, sad, exhausted or angry?Just share your mood in a status update.This plugin allows members to add sixteen different moods to their posts. They can show their happiness, joy, craziness, and more!

This is a feature similar to Facebook and sharing your moods online is fun.It is free plugin comes in foundation plugin bundle.


So what is the best to way to notify or sharing any post with your friends?The answer is tagging them the posts and comments.A major website like twitter, Facebook and Instagram lets their users tag friends in the posts and comments which are a vital part of community interaction, a quick and easy way to engage others or grab someone’s attention.

This plugin lets your users tag their friends in the status, photos and in comments just like Facebook allows.


2.Chat With Friends

The appropriate way to communicate with each other is sending a message in private inbox.This plugin adds a feature of chat on your social networking website.Using this feature of private messaging you can send messages to users and can create private group messages among many members.

Users can send photos, location, and moods with the text messages to their friends in the private message.A Chat icon is added to profile covers allowing other members to easily send them private messages.

The best feature of this plugin is that whenever user will receive the message from others an email will be sent to notify the users that there’s a message waiting for them.


3.Add Reactions to the Posts

Do not like a friends posts or disagree with them, then you can react to the other’s posts.This plugin extends the regular Likes on stream posts with emotional Reactions such as Love, Laugh, Wink and much more.

This trend is started by the Facebook and we all know that we can react to the other’s post on Facebook and that is why this feature is amazing for a social networking website.

You can customize this plugin and name of the reaction according to your need and choice and this plugin start working in an instant when you install it on WordPress.


4.Filter Bad Words

The internet is full of all kinds of stuff, both the good and the very bad.You have seen on many Q/A websites and on forums like Quora that some of the people use bad words and abusive words.

The WordFilter plugin gives your community peace of mind. Whether your community has a young audience or whether you just don’t want to show any profanity in your community’s posts or comments.

The plugin masks forbidden words and phrases, but it does not interfere with the original posts. You’ll still be able to show a word or a phrase you’ve previously blocked, or change the rendering of the filter on the front end.


5.User Limits

In some cases, you need more control over on registered users of a website like restricted them access to selected abilities.This plugin lets you restrict user access to selected abilities based on their role and/or required percentage of complete profile fields, and/or required custom avatar upload.

You can do many things to control the actions of any user such as hide users from listings, disable sending friend requests, disable creating and joining groups, Disable messaging, Disable posting and others.You can hide Administrators (or any other roles) from Members page.


  • Hide users from listings
  • Disable sending friend requests
  • Disable creating and joining groups
  • Disable photo uploads
  • Disable video linking
  • Disable messaging
  • Disable posting
  • Disable commenting
  • Disable polls


6.Paid Membership Pro

The paid membership pro lets you add a feature of paid membership in which paid users can access premium stuff.Using paid membership you can set the desired access level on all pages containing PeepSo Shortcodes except for the ‘Activity’, ‘Registration’ and ‘Password Recovery’ pages.

You can also hide the activity stream from non-logged in users in PeepSo, keeping your community totally private.

By creating membership levels with PMP, admins can also control user access to the community. At WordPress backend> Pages, find the pages that contain PeepSo Shortcodes.This plugin is available in 29$.

Other Major Features and Plugin

Other features of Peepso are uploading photos, videos, sharing links, creating groups just like Facebook groups.There are many amazing features like adding VIP badge, using Peepso in your own language.

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