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Blogger Vs WordPress self hosted which is best?

I am using Blogger over 3 years blogger is good for blogging but not as good as WordPress.Wordpress is the best Content management system with the seo point of view.Wordpress is easy to use and easy to optimized.Here is some features of blogger and wordpress.
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Blogger Blogspot:

Blogger blogspot is one of the great blogging platform for every one,easy to use,easy to optimize for search engine.Blogger blogspot is partner with google and it requires only a Gmail/Google account.
Know more about blogger blogspot click on the link.
Features of blogger blogspot.
  • You can Create a free Blog on Blogger blogspot.
  • Themes can easily change or edited.
  • Free sub-Domain name in .in,.pk. and .uk  etc. countrywise)
  • Custom domain on blogger platform.(
  • Free XML/HTML themes can downloaded free on internet.
  • Easy to use and easy to configure.
  • Seo optimized.

Advantage of blogger

  • Free of Cost:Blogger is free of cost it gives a subdomain which is good but your have to buy a custom domain if you want to create a great image for your blog.We recommend Blue Host.
  • Tight Security:No one can hack blogger blog because it is owned by google and every one know about google security until your G-mail account hacked by some after sharing your G-mail password.
  • Interface:Easily Understand to use blogger dashboard.You can handle your all domain names from one dashboard.
  • Faster Indexing:Blogger is google hosted platform that is why google fast index your new blog post.
  • Google Adsense Integration:you just have to follow a wizard to apply Adsense ads to your blogger blog.


  • Limited size of Page:Blogger doesn’t allow more than 1 Mb data of specific page like Homepage, Archives Page if page size is more than 1 Mb blogger automatically show error oo6 to the visitors.
  • No plugins:Blogger does not support any type of plugin like seo and others and you have to make changes in code of template every time you want to add some new feature.
  • Limited Number of Blogs:Only 100 blogs can create from single account.


In previous post  iexplained about  What is WordPress and how it works!.In simply wordpress is Content management system for creating blogs and website easily.Best for Newbie because of its Easy installation and responsive design.Lot of themes are available on the market and offcourse in themes section of some great theme designers.See our great themes with responsive design 
Read about features advantage and disadvantages of wordpress.
Features of WordPress:
  • Php (dynamics )Themes can easily change or edited.
  • Easy to install Themes and plugins.
  • Advance seo features.
  • Comment without Log-in.
  • Fast and easy to use.
  • Good looking dashboard and responsive design.
  • Mobile and and other device support.


  • Comments Section:The comment section is too elegant,visitors can comment without log-in or register on your website or blog this helps to attract more visitors to comment on your blog.
  • Professional Look: WordPress look is too professional and also its dashboard too.
  • More better SEO Options:Lots of plugins is available for WordPress seo and there is no worry of Optimization if your are using wordpress Content management system for your blog.
  • Complete Control: You have complete Control over the files of your site, you can easily backup or change your web host company anytime if Needed.Customization: You do Not need to Know code for simple changes but if you know basic languages like PHP, HTML, CSS,etc you can changes or Even develop your Own theme.


  • Hosting:If you want to use wordpress for your blog you have to Buy a hosting and custom domain name for your blogs we recommend Blue Host.
  • Backup:You must  have to take backup Regularly to make sure that your data is secure incase your blog gets Hacked or your Files got deleted accident.
  • Premium Themes: Want to create your blog more professional, you have to Buy Premium Themes and Plugins for that purpose or If you know coding you can do that yourself.
At the end thanks for reading our post,We recommend you to use WordPress for blogging but if you are want cheap than go with blogger.

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