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Promote Your Content Like a Pro: The Magic 6 Approach

Promote your content

Who doesn’t want massive traffic to his/her blog? Ultimately traffic will say how successful your blog. If you concentrate only publishing a great article on your blog, then I will say you a bitter truth that traffic will not come only creating great content.  Quality content is an important part of a blog but if you need to get success quickly from your blog, you should promote your article on different online platforms. It’s an easy way to promote your work as well.

Today I will discuss my followed 6 strategies to generate insane traffic to my blog.

1.some tools to promote your content

It is a very easy and time-saving way to promote your content. I am using following 6 powerful tools to generate massive traffic to my blog. I got the suggestion about these tools from some expert bloggers and these tools are working well for them as well as for me.

The Tools are,

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2.Using Forums

Forums are very effective platforms to promote your content. If you are an active member of a forum then you can get traffic from this platform by participating in any discussion. You need to find out your article related discussion and put your content URL there. Your blog will get huge traffic overnight.

3.Using Vine

Vine is a popular platform launched by Twitter in 2014. We are really thankful to Twitter to make this powerful platform. You can add a video with which has a 6-second loop and share it. People across the world will watch your video and your blog will get huge traffic.

4.Upload 60 Sec. Video on Youtube

Youtube also a useful platform to share video. People prefer videos more than content. So turn your content into video and get it viral. But for this, you don’t need to make 10 mins loop. Just add a video with 60seconds loop and share it through Youtube. But your work is not finished here. You need to be active on your channel and comment on other videos. So that your videos will be popular and you will generate massive traffic to your blog.

5.Turning the Blog Post into PDF

It’s a new trend to convert a blog post into PDF and share it through different PDF submission sites like Docstoc, Scribd, DocDroid. Try to make the PDF with minimum 6 pages otherwise, it is not be considered valuable (according to me). By creating an account on PDF submission sites, you will earn backlinks for your blog. So create an account with your blog URL and properly optimize the description.

6.Social Media Marketing

We can’t deny the value of Social Media Marketing when we talk about blog content promotion. Do a skillful Social Media Marketing for generating massive traffic to your blog. After publishing a content on your blog, you should share your blog post URL on different Social Networking Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and grow your blog traffic rapidly.


These are some ways I usually follow to promote my blog. Hope you find the article useful. Please share your valuable comment here.

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