How commenting can help you to get 1000 new readers in few days

After starting a blog and completing all its designing and other necessary requirements, the task is to get the readers on your blog. It may be difficult at the beginning of the new blog. You must create a subscriber box to collect emails of the visitors and make them subscribe your blog. The idea behind this is to get more subscribers for your blog. Subscribers when to visit your blog again and again through emailed link you can generate traffic for your blog. There is one more strategy to get the traffic on your blog within few days. The strategy is commenting on others blogs having the same niche as yours. Let us discuss further to get more clarity.

You need to schedule your tasks to get an hour for commenting strategy. After scheduling your time you have to find out some popular blogs of your niche. You must exercise the audience of that blogs. They must have target audience same as yours. Now you have to keep eye on their new post whenever they publish. To make this task even easier, you can use a tool named FeedDemon. This tool will help you to create different folders for each type of the blog you follow. This tool will also keep track of new feeds of these blogs.

You have to make sure that you follow blogs with the same niche and have the same target audience. Let us consider you have a blog of niche blogging tips. Now after following blogs of your niche using FeedDemon, you can create different folders like,

  • Most popular Blogs for Blogging tips
  • Blogs which use commentator plugin having niche blogging tips
  • Blogs which use CommentLuv plugin having niche blogging
  • Comments on blogs of Blogging niche

Now start commenting on the content of these popular blogs. You can also comment on the link to your blog post having relevant content. If your blog post content is promising and informative, many readers will automatically comment on your blog post to create good conversation. Commenting will also help in generating backlinks for your blog post. These backlinks will be quality backlinks. Attractive and catchy headlines will always give best results for comments. Commentator will be attracted and forced to comment if you have fascinating headings for your blog post.

You must start commenting on the popular blogs from today. Try to comment quality lines. Comments like ‘’nice’’ ‘’ good’’ will never help you. You can show your knowledge with comment quality. So that other reader will believe you are genuine. You should try to be the first commentator. With research, it is seen that first commentator gets more traffic.

Creates opportunity

Commenting on relevant blogs can create the opportunity of building contacts. Commenting on relevant blogs can lead to enforce other readers to remember your name and blog. This leads to creating connections with new bloggers. Such new connections can give you opportunities for new business proposals also. With increasing popularity, you can also get guest posts for your blog. with the new connection, you get new readers. So commenting on the blogs consistently can enforce the blogger to visit your blog and read the posts. When they come to visit then it is your blog design and content quality to keep them engage. Your content quality and attractive post can then make them subscribe your blog.

Raise your profile

If you want the popularity and image of top blogger, you have to comment on a number of blogs. Commenting can also help you to raise your profile. Once you create the top image as a blogger, your blog will get a brand image which can then attract new readers. So commenting is the best way to drag people on your blog. Your writing quality can then help in getting subscribers. To have a brand image of your blog and achieve popularity among the bloggers, commenting can serve you.

Commenting can drive traffic to your own blog

If you consistently comment on other’s blog, readers will also read your comment. You should comment on quality and knowledge. When readers feel convinced that you have proper knowledge about the topic, they will automatically search for your blog for relevant content. Your comments can also fascinate readers to know more about you, about our qualifications and researchers. They may leave a comment on your comment as a reply. Blog authors may want to make some deal with you by seeing your quality comments.

Learn something new

When you comment on a content expressing your views, you can also get replies on your comment. There is no better chance to prove your knowledge than a debate. You must firmly stick to your view when other readers comment back on your comment. You should be clear enough to convince our point through debate. Never abuse or approach negatively in the debate. You are commenting to increase your readers, not enemies. The abusing debate will damage your image in the blogosphere. If you succeed in convincing your point with good words and thorough knowledge in the relevant field, you will get new readers on your blog who want to explore more about you.

Commenting can spark new ideas

Commenting on different blogs can inspire you to learn new things. With the business proposals, commenting can also spark new ideas in your mind. Such new ideas can help you to present your content with a new angle. Articles writing with new ideas and new presentation can enforce commentators to share their views and give an opinion about a new idea. So comment on expert’s blog and participate in a debate which can inspire to get new ideas from other experts.

I think I convinced you about generating traffic to your blog through comments. Commenting on your own blog will give backlinks while commenting on others blogs you can get the target audience turn to your blog. Both the ways give you the advantage of more readers. You can use tools like Gravatar to show your image with your comments. Your readers will automatically increase within few days after you start commenting on blogs consistently.



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